Soft drinks could increase the risk of cancer

The consumption of sugary drinks has increased significantly in recent decades and, among other things, is a risk factor for obesity. Now that there is a connection between the consumption of sugar-containing drinks, with fruit juices, and the Occurrence of cancer.

The results of the current study contribute to a growing number of Clues that suggest that sugar-containing drinks might increase the risk of cancer: An increase in the consumption of sugared Drinks to 100 milliliters per day was associated with an 18 percent increased risk of cancer and a 22 percent increased risk of breast cancer.

In contrast, the consumption of sweeteners-sweetened beverages was not associated with cancer cases, however, the sample here was relatively small, so that the result should be considered according to the authors, with caution.

The researchers conclude: "These data demonstrate the relevance of existing dietary recommendations for limiting the consumption of sugary drinks, including 100 percent juice, as well as policy measures such as tax and marketing restrictions on sugar – containing drinks, which could potentially contribute to the reduction of cancer fruit."

The Team from France investigated the relationship between the consumption of sugar-containing drinks, to which fruit juices are counted, as well as artificially-sweetened drinks and overall cancer risk, and the risk of breast -, prostate -, and colorectal cancer. Of the 101.257 participating adults with an average age of 42 years, 2.193 diseased cancer (693 breast cancer cases, and 291 cancer of the prostate cases and 166 colorectal cancer cases). The average age at cancer diagnosis was 59 years.