Just something you ate, or seriously ill? When you should with diarrhoea urgently go to the doctor

It grumbles in the belly, you have to constantly go to the toilet, you feel weak: Rebels of the intestine, is the extremely unpleasant. A bowel expert explained, when the digestive powers on the Turbo, what can help and what time is not harmless.

If it is not running with the digestive round, talk to the people do not like about it. In some cases, you should, however, overcome this social taboo. Because, if the bowel sounds the Alarm, it may indicate serious diseases – even if it is in most cases merely unpleasant, but over quickly.

Of diarrhea (diarrhoea) talk to a physician, if someone has more than three times a day to the toilet, and the chair has a pulpy to liquid Form. As unwelcome as that is, so useful it is again. Because the body of dangerous germs or poisons get rid of quickly.

This is the cause of diarrhea

The reasons for diarrhea can be organic, such as inflammation or a Virus. Bacteria, for example Salmonella from contaminated food, come in question. They produce toxic metabolic products, which attack the intestinal mucosa.

  • Campylobacter (contaminated poultry meat, raw milk)
  • EHEC germs (contaminated, raw foods such as raw milk products, or sprouts)ate or insufficiently heated
  • Listeria (contaminated sausage, contaminated salad, raw milk cheese)
  • Noro-viruses and Rota-viruses (both on the chair and vomit spread)
  • Salmonella (from contaminated eggs or meat, due to a lack of Hygiene, widespread)

In addition, certain medications such as antibiotics can cause diarrhoea.

“But there are also non-organic causes. Includes about the you get before the exam,“ explains Wolfgang Kruis, head of the Department of Internal medicine at the Evangelical hospital Kalk, Cologne. Here, anxiety and Stress have added to the intestinal nerves in an uproar.

Secretory and osmotic cause of diarrhea

Diarrhea may begin in the small or large bowel. Scientifically, it distinguishes secretory from osmotic causes.

Between bowel content and bowel wall a exchange instead of from nine to ten litres of water every day. However, only 100 Milliliter is excreted per bowel movement.

A Virus has infected the intestinal wall, or a bacteria poison you are irritated, are no longer able to keep the inflamed intestinal cells, literally the water and release it in an uncontrolled manner in the intestine (secretory). This explains why the chair is very thin and in large quantities occurs.

“In the absence of an osmotic cause, is the contents of the bowel responsible. This can, for example, due to milk sugar to occur, the liquefied the chair,“ explains Wolfgang Kruis the background.

Treatment of diarrhea

For the treatment of this Knowledge is, however, rarely have a role. “In General, everyone is subsided by case, after three days, when fasting and only Unsweetened drinks”, soothes the intestinal expert. Non-carbonated water or herbal teas are not designed particularly well, because they put pressure on the intestine in addition. Because case, also, with its large loss of liquid mineral-liquid-budget (i.e., the Electrolyte-budget) of the body bothers you, you should be Concerned, provide compensation.

“The WHO recommends to a Liter of water, 2.5 grams of baking soda, 1.5 grams of potassium chloride (pharmacy), 3.5 grams of saline and 20 grams of grape sugar as an electrolyte solution,” explains the expert.

Subject to Wolfgang Kruis looks to diarrhea therapy used to be so popular charcoal tablets. “Today, to remember that the carbon absorbs toxins and this could remain even longer in the gut.”

When you should with diarrhoea to the doctor

Harmless a diarrhoea if fever and General ill feeling may occur, if you can’t drink enough because you will feel too weak or if the diarrhea that lasts more than a week.

“Then you should consult a physician to serious disorders such as colon cancer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and to exclude other,” advises bowel expert Kruis.

An irritable bowel is about the signs are there, if diarrhea, cramps and bloating over a longer period of time to stop and deal with constipation alternate. Who is often affected by diarrhoea, may be suffering from an inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative Colitis. A disturbed hormone balance, for example by a malfunction of the thyroid may be behind this.

For more warning signs, you should immediately seek medical advice, are: high fever, vomiting, severe pain, circulation problems, or blood in the stool. Especially the elderly or small children should go directly to the doctor.

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