British concern about cases of seriously ill children on intensive care units

In the UK, several media reports of severe disease in children and a possible link to the Coronavirus pandemic. Although the number of cases according to news small according to the BBC, the British health service NHS of less than 20 of such diseases-and-white. Information about deaths, there is not.

To attract attention to this disease but because children in General are affected relatively little by Covid-19. In addition, doctors can not explain the severe symptoms of the UK cases so far.

What we know now

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Doctors in the NHS had been instructed to pay attention to rare but dangerous symptoms in children, which may be associated with Coronavirus infection, reported the BBC.

Warning to General practitioners in the UK

It had been sent by the NHS England a warning to General practitioners. It’s hot in London and other regions of the country, children with very rare symptoms had been on intensive care units treated. Including severe inflammation and flu histories with similar disease. Some of the children – but not all – were positive in the Coronavirus tested. Be affected kids of different ages.

The “Daily Mail” writes, it will be assumed that a connection with the Coronavirus. Don’t be backed up, but since not all of the seriously ill children were also with Sars-CoV-2 infected.

The Robert Koch Institute has hardly any data of the cases

The President of the Robert Koch-Institute, Lothar Wieler, responded on Tuesday to the reports from the UK. In a press conference, the German doctors said: “we don’t have enough data. It is a new Symptom, but we don’t know yet if it really occurs and there is currently only a local random aggregates, and whether it has anything at all to do with Covid-19.”

However, in the UK Doctors should pay more attention to such cases. The British journal “HSJ”, aimed at managers in the British health system, reported that the cases of illness could be either in connection with the Coronavirus – or it was a disease with similar symptoms. In an exclusive article, the magazine wrote on Monday that cases occur for about two to three weeks.

Relaxations in Spain

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Doctors to reports, the symptoms were those of Toxic shock syndrome similar. Values are called a fever or elevated temperature, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, or abnormal blood, as well as diarrhea or vomiting, or inflammation of the heart muscle. The affected little patients are very sick, warned the NHS England.

In Spain and Italy, and colleagues have reported similar cases, quoted by the BBC, a Doctor from Cambridge. The numbers you mentioned.

Sources: BBC, Daily Mail, “HSJ”, “world”

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