10 tips: nail fungus in the Winter, to prevent

Those who visit in the autumn and Winter, the Sauna or the swimming pool, with prefer to take a bath Slippers. Here, spores of nail fungus cavort namely particularly fond of. Because nail fungus can be very persistent, it is worthwhile to pay attention to some things, in order not to infect.

To transfer easily, the mushrooms are in places where many people walk barefoot, and when sharing towels or footwear. "Fungi like a warm and moist environment, such as, for example, in swimming pools, saunas or tight shoes and socks entsteht", Dr. Stefan Schwenzer of the chamber of pharmacists of Bremen says. In autumn and Winter, the spores, so the ideal life can find conditions, when feet sweat in warm socks and sturdy footwear much.

With these ten tips can prevent them:

  • After showering or bathing the feet and spaces between the Toes dry.
  • In public baths and saunas flip flops to wear in hotel rooms Slippers.
  • In the cool Season the shoes made of breathable materials to choose
  • Wool socks – this will take moisture on – and these change daily
  • Good end shoes seat wear in order to avoid injuries of the foot and nail
  • On warm days, if possible, wear open shoes to prevent sweating
  • Only your own towels and shoes use
  • Regular care of the feet with cream and foot powder, callus removal
  • Special disinfecting sprays for shoes from the pharmacy benefit
  • Socks with anti-fungal detergent from the pharmacy to wash, this kills fungal spores

Nail fungus treated quickly

Who is it, and should not hesitate for a long time: "Quick to Respond is important because the fungus ausbreitet&quot quickly;, Schwenzer says. The fungus penetrated only into the upper nail layers, is suitable for a treatment with a colourless varnish from the pharmacy, in which the fungicidal active ingredients Amorolfine or Ciclopirox will penetrate through the nail and the fungus in the long term eliminate it. The long treatment time of approximately six months is necessary, because remnants of the fungus is mostly persistent and only then completely removed, when the healthy nail is fully grown back. The treatment with paints brings no improvement, you can use a keratin-relieving ointment, such as for example urea ointment. By this, the upper nail layers &ndash solve; or in the case of heavier infestation, the whole nail – after some time, whereby the active substance of the Paint better, can act, and the renewable nail fungus remains free.

For the initial diagnosis and in the case of a particularly severe and wide-scale infestation should be a doctor consulted. He can take a sample from a nail, and a fungal culture to determine the exact Pilztyp and to fight this specifically. The treatment of severe disease is then carried out with tablets which contain the active ingredients Griseofulvin, Itraconazole, fluconazole, or terbinafine and fungicidal effect.


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