These Islamic Baby Boy Names Have Beautiful Meanings

Islam is one of the worlds largest religions, with over 1.8 billion followers – that’s about 24% of the world’s population. Muslims live across the globe, from North America to Southeast Asia, spanning hundreds of countries, cultures and languages.

Muslim names, as a result, reflect this vast global diversity. Contrary to popular belief, Muslim names aren’t only in the Arabic language, which is the language of the holy Quran. However, what Muslim names do have in common is that they all follow specific religious guidelines:

· Muslim names can’t indicate that you worship someone other than Allah, the God in Islam

· In Islam, it’s forbidden to choose a name that has an offensive, disagreeable or unpleasant meaning

· Muslim names are required to have noble meanings and be associated with virtuous and pious things

In many Islamic cultures, it’s believed that one’s name can inspire them to live a life of greatness; that’s why it’s so important for Muslims around the world to focus on the meaning of a name. It’s not just what you call someone, it’s a reflection of their personality and their deeds.

We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful Muslim boy names with motivational, righteous and honorable meanings.

Aabid – Worshiper

Aadil – Just, Upright

Aamir – Civilized

Aayan – God’s gift

Abdul Lateef – Servant of the kind

Adam – The first human

Ahmad – Most highly adored

Aiman – Fearless

Ali – Noble, sublime, fourth caliph of Islam

Amin – Faithful

Aqeel – Wise, Intelligent

Arslan – Lion

Asher – Wise, knowledgeable

Aydin – Brilliant

Basaam – Smiling

Behr – Sea; Wave

Bilal – The prophet’s muezzin

Cal – Courageous

Cale – To be faithful

Cheherazad – Of noble countenance

Daanish – Wisdom, Learning, Science

Daniyal – Intelligent

Dawid – Prince

Deen – Religion

Ehsan – Powerful

Eijaz – Miracle

Emran – Progress, Achievement

Fahad – Panther, Leopard

Faisal – Judge

Faris – Perceptiveness

Furozh – Light

Fuwad – Heart

Ghazzal – Name of a reciter of Quran

Gulshan – A flower Garden

Haamid – Praising

Hamza – Strong, Steadfast

Haris – Guardian, Watchman

Hasan – To be beautiful

Haseeb – Noble

Ibraheem (also: Abraham) – A prophet’s name

Idrees (also: Idris) – A prophet’s name

Iesa (also: Jesus) – A prophet’s name

Izzat – High rank, honor

Jamaal – Beauty

Javier – Month of January

Juma’ – Friday

Junaid – Soldier, Warrior

Kamal – Perfection

Kamran – Successful, Blessed

Kareem – Generous

Khalid – Eternal

Kinza – Hidden treasure

Latif – Fine, Gentle, Refined

Lu’ay – Shield

Maaz – Brave man

Mahad – Great, Nice

Malik – Master

Masoud – Happy, Lucky

Mika – Cool, Sweet, Intelligent

Muhammad – The most praised one

Mustafa – Chosen

Nabeel – Noble, Distinguished

Nadeem – Companion, Friend

Naveed – Glad tidings

Nooh (also: Noah) – A prophet’s name

Noori – Shining

Omar – Life

Parvez – Success

Qadi – Judge

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