Heidi Montag Shares Solution for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks should be proudly worn like a badge of honor. They’e visible proof that your body once carried a human inside of it, and no mama should ever feel ashamed to have them on her body. If you’re still looking to keep those pesky lines at bay during your pregnancy and beyond, investing in reliable stretch mark cream is a great route to explore — but Heidi Montag is making it known that those aren’t the only solution.

In her Aug. 17 Instagram Story, which she also posted on TikTok, Montag shared a video of herself rubbing coconut oil on her baby bump. The mom of soon-to-be two, who also shares son Gunner with husband Spencer Pratt, discussed her thoughts on her method of choice when it comes to stretch mark prevention. “People have been asking me what I use to not have stretch marks and listen, I’ve been using coconut oil,” Montag told the camera while donning a neon green bikini and floral swimsuit coverup. “It’s not as expensive, it’s organic. And yeah, this belly is getting really big,” The Hills alum noted as she displayed her bump from different angles.

While you can’t ever fully prevent stretch marks from appearing on your baby bump, there are definitely stretch mark creams, oils, and balms that minimize their appearance — working to keep your skin hydrated and healthy during pregnancy. Keeping skin moisturized won’t make them disappear just because you used a product, but it will increase the skin’s elasticity and treat symptoms like itching and irritation that existing stretch marks can bring.

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