7 Apps to Make Your Life Easier as a Mom

When life gets hard, exhausting, or downright insane, you can turn to these apps for some much-needed sanity. We broke down some of the best apps for moms, from mental health tools to daycare finders. There’s even an app that helps you find the closest playground in a pinch.

So take a nice, deep breath and let these tools do the work for you. You deserve it — big time.


Peanut’s CEO Michelle Kennedy founded this helpful parenting app after she gave birth to her first child, and discovered that she had so many questions and no answers. Kennedy developed a space where like-minded moms can come together and connect over everything from motherhood to menopause. The app aims to help moms feel less alone, offering a community where it’s safe to ask questions, share experiences and make friends.

Plus, Peanut offers handy resources like expert advice and podcasts about parenting.


Struggling with bad feelings, anxiety or postpartum depression? MoodTools offers a free “Thought Diary,” designed around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The app allows you to log each experience you’re dealing with, root out the negative thoughts, and identify distorted thinking patterns. You can also develop a safety plan for yourself on MoodTools, which includes warning signs and coping strategies, in case of an emergency.

Parenting Guide from Lasting

Access live, therapy-led classes every week on everything from anxiety in kids to sibling relationships. Users get access to the app’s Foundation series as well, which takes a closer look at healthy parenting. There are hundreds of courses available and 30+ mental health prompts specifically designed around self-care and emotional regulation. There are also 100+ self-guided sessions, which include exercises and journaling.

Playground Buddy

Need to find the closest spot for your kids to play? Meet Playground Buddy. This apps allows parents to find the closest playground with a directory of more than 200,000 options in 170 countries. The best part? You won’t get burned by lackluster spots. Playground Buddy offers photos of the playgrounds and details on equipment like swings and slides. There’s also a handy feature that allows you to share the playground’s location with another parent, if you’re meeting up for a playdate.

Baby Connect

Make the early years of motherhood so much more manageable. Baby Connect allows moms to track day-to-day activities like feeding, pumping, diapers, sleep and milestones. You can also track super helpful data on medicines and vaccines so all of that important information is in one organized space. The app allows you to keep daily records of multiple babies at the same time and you can share your logs with significant others or caregivers.


If you’re dealing with the exhausting process of finding the right school or daycare for your child, Winnie is here to help. The app offers thorough descriptions on everything from tuition and licensing status to availability and photos. Have any questions? Winnie connects you directly with the provider, so you can discuss the nitty gritty stuff like curriculum and scheduling.

You can also find childcare near you — including overnight childcare and 24-hour childcare — along with reviews from parents.


It’s can be so hard to stay organized, but Cozi has your back. The app is designed to keep your life on track with a family organizer that features appointments, activities, school events, class schedules and chores — all in one streamlined place. You can even log a shareable grocery list for the whole family.

Features also include meal planning and recipe storage, so you can get ahead of those inevitable hangry moments. Not sure what you want to eat? Discover delicious recipes from Cozi and bookmark them for future use.

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