Shyness intensifies the effects of a hangover

Shy people suffer from more severe emotional and physiological hangover after a party. However, they still love such events, because they get a chance to relax and become more sociable.

Shyness intensifies a hangover and makes it more painful not so much physiological, how many psychological terms. A study of 97 adults has shown that having a higher degree of shyness, people are much more likely to exhibit anxiety, faced with a hangover after a wild party with lots of drunk alcoholic beverages. But on the other hand, the use of 6 doses of alcohol reduces the level of anxiety and shyness, so people lean on alcohol to become more sociable and overcome their complexes. So these parties still benefit, who the next day turns into an intense spiritual suffering.

In this regard, researchers encourage people to make their own shyness or personality of an introvert, because there is nothing wrong. Everyone is different, and someone strives to be the soul of the company, and someone comfortable in solitude, and the necessity of communicating with unfamiliar people he may perceive as stress. That, and the other is not a pathology. If people try to use alcohol to overcome their own shyness instead to reduce her blood pressure more correct ways, then the next day they can expect a powerful dual hangover, which is able to trigger a real depression.

From previous research on this topic the current experiment differed in that the effect of alcohol on the psyche have been studied in normal environment and not in laboratory conditions. That is why the authors believe that the results are more close to reality. (READ MORE)