Moms love their daughters harder than dads sons

The study showed that mothers prefer daughters, and fathers – sons. However, the women’s Foundation of love, gender is more durable.

It is believed that parents love all their children equally, but subconsciously they still are Pets, and by gender. The study showed that women prefer daughters and men a little more sympathy given to sons. Finnish and American scientists have found that mothers are significantly more likely to believe their daughters good and invest in their education more money. Accordingly, men have a small bias is observed in the direction of the boys. But since women have this manifestation of love is harder then girls in families feel themselves in a more privileged position than boys.

Magicforum recalls that relaxed in 2015, China’s policy of “one family – one child” (now allowed two children) has led to a surge of sex-selective abortions. Mothers are passed through the artificial termination of pregnancy when expectant girls as it was believed that boys reach a more sustainable financial position in life and he can be less of a problem. Back in 2011, not ethical the poll showed that most Americans would prefer to have sons instead of daughters. Of course, if they’d been allowed only one child.

Gender inequality is still observed in matters of remuneration, as in many developed countries, including the United States, men have many more women in similar positions. And now it is established that the girls still have a certain significant advantage is parental love. Moms love their daughters more than the sons. (READ MORE)