Drawing classes can help to cope with emotions

The staff of the Medical school Geisel from Dartmouth conducted a series of tests that helped to prove that drawing can help to cope with different kinds of experiences. The result of these studies are shared with Western medical journals.

It is noted that the basis of the experiment were the paintings that were painted by the artist-impressionist Pierre Bonnard from France. He painted more than 300 portraits of his sick wife. 60-year-old wife named Martha Bonnard in the paintings portrayed the way she was when they met – young and healthy. Having examined these works, the researchers came to the conclusion that such a way the artist has replaced the painful times joyous events of the past. From Bonnard managed to create the desired image, which he carried throughout life, thus moving away from the real world.

As a result of experiments, the scientists were able to prove that using drawing to deal with a number of unpleasant thoughts and feelings. In addition, the scientists found that those people whose relatives died from cancer, are easier to tolerate the loss, if you draw their portraits. This allows them to fill working memory with joyful memories.

Canadian scientists have proved that if we sketch the information to remember, you can slow the progression of cognitive impairment. It turns out that the brain areas involved in the representation of images can be stored and in dementia. In addition, objects or facts are remembered better if they are to sketch. Probably this is due to the fact that the pattern includes several types of presentation of information: visual, spatial, semantic, etc.