Caring dad invented a unique bottle for breast milk

This young dad has invented a unique baby bottle in the shape of the female breast in order to it easier for mothers to practice breastfeeding. Unique design allows you to keep all the beneficial nutrients of expressed milk.

American Ayala, Santamari were so upset with the problems with feeding their three-month old son Daniel at night, invented a radical new design milk bottle in the shape of the female breast. For the first time to think about this design the man started at the moment when he warmed up the breast milk for the baby at night. The Ayala shared this idea with a friend that is an engineer in the field of Biomedicine, and this couple decided to bring the idea to life. Initially they were amazed at how simple and effective looks of their concept. Naturally, they have studied the market of bottles for kids, but not found anything similar.

When the light and the device, which is a bottle in the shape of the female breast. Thanks to this form the milk is more thin layers. Spreading the milk on the broad surface of the bottle, quickly heat it. The creators claim that the heating process is carried out in two times faster than the standard bottle. Magicforum recalls that because of the unique properties of breast milk parents traditionally not recommended to heat it in the microwave or on the stove.

Experts say that every 20 minutes to keep breast milk at room temperature the number of bacteria grows in there twice.The design of the new bottle helps to slow down this negative process. A vessel with a unique geometry protects the health of kids and makes the process of breastfeeding more enjoyable and effective. It also helps to cool the milk. All this helps to preserve essential nutrients this drink. (READ MORE)