Young woman died after SURGERY – a surgeon will go to prison

There were dramatic scenes played out in July 2012 in a hospital in Buchen (Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis). A 30-year-old woman are to be taken from a Tumor in the colon and tissue samples from metastases in the liver. After complications you will cut out half of the liver. Instead of the planned 100 minutes, the Operation takes almost the whole day. As they moved on the next Morning in the University hospital in Mannheim, Germany, any help came too late – she dies a few days later.

On Friday the doctor for the surgery responsible had to answer, before the district court of Mosbach. He was sentenced for assault resulting in death in a less serious case, to two years and nine months imprisonment. Against the judgment Revision can be loaded.

"They had the bleeding können"

“We had a fairy-tale hour. The defendant has adapted its information several times, which is why we could not believe him,“ explains Ganter in its grounds of judgment. In the direction of the accused, he said: “you have breast feeding, the bleeding and the woman can move in a equipped hospital. Instead, they have simply made more. And then you have to tell the members, it would be all good, even though you knew in what a critical state the woman is in.“

“I deeply regret the operation history”, said the 58-Year-old at the beginning of the negotiation. According to own statements, he no longer work in the hospital in Buchen (Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis), he was reported to be unemployed.

Experts accused the Ex-chief doctor of technical defects

“We negotiated for over a tragedy, especially because you don’t have to have happened,” said a senior Prosecutor Franz-Josef Heering at the end of the process. In the indictment he accused the doctor of “various rough, not understandable errors” and “violations of the rules of medical art”. During the trial, more than ten witnesses were heard, among them close relatives of the patient but also the hospital staff, which was used during the Operation. A witness described that the Situation was during the Operation “very stressful for all Involved”.

The expert Professor Christoph-Thomas Germer accused the former chief doctor of technical defects: “The supply was not adequate. The failures during the Operation is failure on the part of the reason for the death of a young woman with Multi-Organ.“

The parents and the husband of the deceased woman appeared as a co-plaintiff. The death of the daughter meant for the parents, a serious incision, both of them can no longer go about their work. This is from a report that was read during the proceedings. Her lawyer complained in his closing words, especially the conduct of the accused: “The Operation had consequences for the family is tremendous, nevertheless, an apology is missing until today.”