You Can Find Julianne Hough's Holy Grail Beauty Product at Walmart

Have you ever looked through a celebrity’s Instagram feed and thought, “I could totally see myself becoming best friends with that person.” Julianne Hough is one of those people to me—not only does she eat well and exercise regularly, she knows how to put herself first with epic beach vacations. When we met on set for Health‘s “What’s Your Mantra” series, I jumped at my chance to join Hough’s inner circle. 

Best friends share their beauty secrets, so I was determined to do exactly that with Hough. “I try to live without a lot,” the Dancing with the Stars judge admits, but there are three things she considers necessities: Firstly, she uses Seven Seconds by Unite’s leave-in conditioner ($29; so that she doesn’t have to blow dry her hair every day. “If I put that in, I just feel like it can dry and be great,” she explains.

When it comes to lip balm, Hough says Tom Ford Lumiere (which you can find at Nordstrom or Sephora for $55) is worth the splurge because it’s so versatile. She does put it on her lips, but also has a genius trick for making her skin look even more dewy: “I usually put it on my cheeks right here,” says Hough pointing to her cheekbones.

Thirdly, Hough is a big fan of essential oils and stays loyal to the GuruNanda line because the oil is sourced from farms around the world, with all-natural ingredients. “You can get it at Walmart, it’s awesome,” adds Hough. (But don’t worry if you’re more of an Amazon shopper—it’s available there too.)

It should come as no surprise that Hough considers self care to be one of her favorite things. “Before you can give yourself to your career, your children, your friends, your family, I think you have to practice self care,” she tells us. But she knows doing so doesn’t come easily: “We’re humans, we’re designed to just survive and keep going. And it’s kind of out of nature and out of our instinct to want to take care of ourselves. We want to take care of everything else going around. And our body just survives for us.”

Hough has made a conscious decision to practice self care daily with a morning routine. “When I wake up, I do an exercise to get me from my mental cognitive thinking brain to my creative,” she explains. “So, I do morning pages where I just write and I just throw up on the page,” she continues. “And I don’t even know what I write, but something happens where it shifts. And that way I have creativity just flowing out of me versus straight linear line thinking.” Then, she puts on music and does a movement meditation that helps her connect to her body, followed by breath work. “That just completely shifts and dictates the rest of my day,” she says.

If you’re having trouble making time for yourself, Hough recommends mindful breathing. “I will literally touch my skin and be nurturing about it. And actually feel like a woman and love myself, which I think we all really need.”

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