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Multiple pregnancy: what happens in the female body?

What affects the chance of getting pregnant with twins?

People wishing to give birth to twins

Pregnancy planning is an important step on the road to happy motherhood. It is accompanied by increased concern about the health of women and special attention to her emotional state on the part of doctors and relatives. The news that in the near future the pair is expected to appear not one but two kids, will certainly cause a storm of different feelings. Joy comes along with twice the responsibility and fear of difficulties in the process of gestation.

“I want twins” — dreams of the potential mother, implying boundless happiness to raise two wonderful, similar to each other kids who will be in the future reliable and essential support for parents and for each other. However, such an intention must be accompanied by full consciousness of the fact that to go through the woman who’s carrying under her heart two lives. To conceive twins is to subject the organism to stress in double the amount of toxicity. The likelihood of developing varicose veins and a set excess quantity of pounds increases as a woman’s demand for vitamins, trace elements. “I want twins” — the desire to start working on the implementation of which should be strictly after passing a medical examination. It should confirm: complicated pregnancy will not be a threat to life. Definite contraindications is the presence of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases. Magicforum found out all about how to conceive twins.

Multiple pregnancy: what happens in the female body?

Two of the fertilized egg is a rare phenomenon. Geminiand the twins are only 1.5% of the total population of the planet. If the development and growth of the egg during the menstrual cycle is its division, and on the way to the uterus fertilization occurs by a sperm cell, the result is the conception of twins. Kids have the same set of genes, which makes them quite similar in appearance. Being in the same placenta produces the maximum sensitivity in respect to each other, not passing throughout the life of the brothers or sisters. In most cases, twins are the same sex.

In multiple pregnancies the chance to give birth to twins are much higher. The twins may have only a superficial resemblance and a different gender. This is due to the fact that pregnancy occurs at fertilization of two ova, which was originally formed in ovaries at this number. The probability to conceive twins is one in 100 menstrual cycles, twins — one on the 200!

What affects the chance of getting pregnant with twins?

Setting a specific goal is to conceive and bear twins, the woman must objectively evaluate the odds. Even being psychologically and physically ready to endure a double load on the spine, heart, legs, it should take account of factors beyond its control or partially independent. The probability of getting a multiple pregnancy increases with the following circumstances:

genetic predisposition (presence of the appropriate gene that has already resulted in the appearance of twins in the family relatives);

– age from 35 to 40 (in this range the hormone responsible for activity of the egg, is present in high concentration);

current lactation (hormonal surge is so great that to conceive twins can be despite genetics and other contributing factors);

– a sharp rejection of contraception (if the woman within was taking these drugs and suddenly stops, it could trigger a multiple pregnancy);

– duration steady-state cycle does not exceed 22 days;

– anatomical feature in the structure of the uterus (5% of women have an anomaly called “two-horned” uterus, which is the optimal condition for carrying twins).

There are couples who have resorted to rather radical, but has become popular in recent years the way to become parents. In artificial insemination into the uterus put a few eggs in order to increase the chances of pregnancy education. In certain cases, to take root and the cage is hooked to a “safety net”. Stopping contraceptive pills can lead to the opposite result: temporary suspension of ovarian function. For several months, the ovulation is absent.

People wishing to give birth to twins

In the quest to get pregnant with twins you need to adjust the power in an appropriate manner. The production and activity of hormones effect protein, and its source is meat and dairy products. In the daily diet should include:

– seafood (storehouse of animal protein);

– fruits (eat better, combined with unsweetened yoghurt);


– liver of animals (contains essential for the preservation of the embryo at an early stage of pregnancy the enzyme insulin-like growth factor).

Special attention deserves the sweet potato, containing hormones of vegetable origin, affecting ovulation.

There is a theory that twins and twins are most often born where there is a critical demographic situation. The reasons for the sharp decline in the number of population, famine and war, which are most typical for the poor countries of the African continent. In this part of the globe is really a percentage of the birth of twins. Nature thus regulates the size of the population, or multiple pregnancies — a result of the influence of climate, an open question. The fact is that in a developing Europe, or in Japan, a closed island nation, Gemini or twins are considered to be almost miraculously and heavenly blessing, whereas in the middle East and Africa — almost a trend. Proven: warm climate affects hormonal balance women, creating an environment conducive to conceiving two babies at once. Those wishing to give birth to twins one should not miss the opportunity to get pregnant in the summer, when the female body is full of solar energy, vitamins.

A few months prior to conception it is useful to establish a regular intake of folic acid. The most important thing is to try and sincerely desire to become parents of two kids. Don’t forget to listen to their own body, to create for intimate encounters romantic atmosphere, pay more attention to the partner, not to turn trying to conceive into a sort of routine duty. Couples who have an intimate part of a relationship brings genuine pleasure to both, are more likely to become parents soon. During orgasm in the female body secrete substances that help sperm stay active for longer periods of time, the chance of conception increases.

Emotional, coupled with adherence to medical recommendations and adoption of the people’s councils will help cherished dream to become parents of twins to come true.

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