Trainer Anna Victoria Says Her 3 Months Postpartum ‘Tummy’ Is ‘Nothing to Be Ashamed Of’

Trainer Anna Victoria has made a point of keeping it “real” on her Instagram feed for years, and especially now that she’s recovering from having a baby. That commitment — to proudly showing her “tummy” at three months postpartum — has led to touching comments from her followers.

“The number of women who replied to these [photos] on my Insta stories and said these pictures made them cry is astonishing,” Victoria, 32, wrote on Instagram. “They said they never see ‘influencers’ being real about their postpartum bodies and instead, they just see those who have bounced back.”

Victoria decided to share those photos permanently on her Instagram feed, “so you can revisit this on a day when you might need it,” she said. “Read through the comments of all the women saying “me too” so you know you’re not alone❤️ but most importantly… that your postpartum body is nothing to be ashamed of.”

The new mom, who gave birth to daughter Aurora Vittoria on Aug. 10, shared two photos on Wednesday — one mirror selfie and a close-up shot of her stomach that shows her stretch marks. Victoria said that she now feels “so much more at ease with my tummy now than I did pre-pregnancy because I have a damn good reason to have this tummy and these stretch marks.”

Victoria added that she has no intention of trying to fix her stretch marks.

“For those asking what I’m going to do about my stretch marks. Um.. nothing? Why should I?” she asked. “Society has told us women for too long that there’s a product for every ‘problem,’ but I don’t see them as a problem soooo… I’ll save my $$ AND my sanity. Decide what you give power to.”

The fitness influencer said that her only body goals are to be “strong” for herself and her daughter, and she’s encouraging her followers to take the same approach.

“If you want to work out for YOU, go for it 🙌 I’m doing the same!” she said. “As freaking hard as my workouts are these days, I want to feel STRONG and take care of myself so I can best take care of Aurora.”

The pregnancy and postpartum journey has been particularly special to Victoria after struggling for years with infertility. She shared the happy news that she was pregnant in January, adding that “it still doesn’t seem real!”

And after Aurora arrived in August, Victoria and her husband, Luca Ferretti, were overjoyed.

“She’s everything we’ve been dreaming about and more,” Victoria said.

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