Toxic shock: the 33-Year-old patient nearly died because of a tampon

Toxic shock syndrome: a Bio-pad would have cost a young woman’s life

A young woman from the United States almost died, because you used during your period organic Tampons. The use of the hygienic article of the 33-Year-old to the so-called Toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

A young woman fought for her life

The regular Change of Tampons and pads is part of the right of intimate hygiene during Menstruation. Tampons stay too long in the vagina, threatening, according to experts, sometimes even life-threatening hazards, such as the so-called Toxic shock syndrome (TSS). The also had to know a young woman from the United States. The 33-Year-old struggled in a hospital in the state of Massachusetts for their lives.

With strong headache it started

According to a report in the British newspaper “Mirror” came to Kristina Makris at the beginning of the year, with violent headache in a clinic in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

The Doctors assumed that the complaints were due to a flu, and sent the 33-Year-old back home.

There, her condition got worse, she was getting weaker and had to constantly vomiting and was brought by her mother to the Lahey Hospital in Burlington (Massachusetts).

The patient had been treated with four different antibiotics and blood pressure medications.

“I still had no idea what was going on with me, and it seemed that the Doctors were also safe,” says Makris, according to the “Mirror”.

The condition of the woman deteriorated dramatically

The treatment has not led to an improvement in your condition. “I asked the nurses for pain medication and even threatened to find you and take it,” said Makris.

Because a rash on your leg spread and her vital signs were becoming weaker, was transferred the patient to the intensive care unit.

And then went on quickly: “I only remember the surgical Team that was running up to me and told me I had 45 minutes time to decide whether I should be operated or not,” says Makris.

“I was so confused, I knew what I should say or why I even needed surgery until I was told that I needed surgery immediately or I would lose my left leg.”

As the 33-Year-old woke up after surgery a day later, she saw the surgeon, and wrote to him, since she could not speak because of a breathing tube, a note on a white Board and told him: “Thank you for saving my life.”

Three days later, the Doctors stated the diagnosis: she suffered from a so-called toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

According to the report, it was suspected that their illness was due to Tampons, more specifically, to organic Tampons, the used, the Make-up artist only recently.

“Because they were incredibly dry, I scratched probably when pulling Out a tampon the wall of my Vagina and they are so prone to infections,” said the 33-Year-old.

And: “It never crossed my mind that I can lose would be due to something Simple in my life.”

Sick by Tampons

Emma Soos, a nurse and Executive Director of the women’s health clinic, said, according to the “Mirror” that all of the Tampons – whether biologically or not – can be dangerous.

“The main reason why women get toxic shock, is the fact that you can Tampons too long in the vagina,” says the expert.

“Organic or not, the risks are the same, but if you have changed the brand of the used Tampons, this can lead to a reaction, if you are using a different product,” explained Soos.

“In Kristina’s case could have been the cause, how absorbent the product was – but we can’t decide in this case to a specific cause.“

Tampon disease can be fatal

The TSS is also colloquially as the “tampon disease”.

Typical symptoms of infectious disease including headaches, dizziness, drop in blood pressure, in addition to a high fever, rash and muscle and skin pain, Nausea, and diarrhea.

In the case of corresponding symptoms should quickly consult a doctor.

An infection can lead to severe circulatory and organ failure.

Although the disease occurs with one case per 200,000 inhabitants is extremely rare but can be fatal, as is the case der13-year-old Jemma showed Louise Roberts, from the UK. The girl, from greater Manchester died four years ago on toxic shock syndrome.

Patient has recovered

After Kristina Makris had spent two weeks in the hospital, was discharged the patient, then spent but three months at home, to strengthen again.

Reported to have advised her Doctors after the shocking incident, never to use Tampons again.

The woman claimed to have almost nothing about the disease knew: “I knew hardly anything about the toxic shock. Apart from the fact, that I got when I was 12 years old, and my period began, I said that you should leave a Tampon, never been inside too long.“

But: “I have followed all the rules, but it happened to me anyway. Now I have a Trauma when I see a Tampon.“ (ad)