Smoking in 8 times more dangerous than sedentary work

Long periods in a seated position is not so dangerous to human health as Smoking. Scientists have refuted the widespread myth that put the fear in office workers.

A huge number of people in different countries, including Russia, the whole day sitting on the chairs in front of computers in offices, and perform specific work. Some time ago scientists said that a sedentary job and generally sedentary lifestyle on human health threat as well as Smoking. In other words, those people who sits long at work and at home, exactly in the same degree threatening neoplastic diseases, disorders of the cardiovascular system, breathing ailments and brain. Naturally, these insights have been very worried about the huge army of office workers who have no alternative to their long seat. But fortunately, it turned out that a few scientists got excited.

A new study has shown that inhalation of tobacco smoke increases the risk of premature death by any cause by approximately 180%. If the person just sits in a chair most of the day, it increases the risk of premature death by 20%, max. In other words, a sedentary lifestyle is not as dangerous as Smoking cigarettes. The researchers proved that even a “light” smoker who use no more than a few cigarettes a day, it is still included in the high-risk group as those who are victims of passive Smoking. In General, smokers were more than twice as likely to die from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. However, their risk of dying from lung tumors, compared with non-smokers, higher by 1000%.

Researchers from the University of South Australia urged not to compare sedentary work Smoking are two completely different factors, and they cause various health hazards. Naturally, smokers threatens much more health problems than those who merely sit on the chair most of the day. But there is no doubt that if office workers are smokers, in their case, the risks of a premature departure from life increases. (READ MORE)