Q&A: Learning from Asian countries to control the leading global cause of death

Learning from Asian countries to control the global #1 cause of death

NCDs are the leading cause of deaths. What are the benefits of comparing the situations in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines?

In your work, you emphasize the importance of support from the community for the prevention of NCDs. What have you learned from studying the situation in these countries and regions, compared to Japan?

Your work relates to SDG targets 3.4 (reduce mortality from NDC through prevention, treatment, and promotion of mental health and well-being), 3.8 (achieve universal health coverage) and 3.c/d (develop health workforce in developing countries / reduce health risks). How do you develop your work focus?

COVID affects elderly people and those with underlying illnesses more. What kind of effect could you find in your work?

Do robots have potential to help in NCD prevention?

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