Puzzles rash in children

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What is a rash?

Rash in a newborn

Preventive measures

The rash on the baby’s skin can be triggered by various diseases. Therefore, you should not postpone visits the doctor because the disease that caused a skin reaction, it may be as harmless and pose a serious danger.

Causes skin reaction in children, various parasites, allergies, infectious diseases, diseases of blood vessels or improper hygienic care of the baby’s skin. The doctor will be able to install a pre-diagnosis is by appearance and color of the lesions.

What is a rash?

The rash may look different in each case. Consider the basic primary elements:

•in the form of plaques – large formations, towering above the skin, with clear outlines and flat shapes;

•in the form of pustules – cavities, filled with pus;

•vesicles – large gidroperitny education on the skin;

•bubbles – small skin lesions that contain fluid;

•spots – the areas where the skin color changed;

•papules – bumps with a size of on average 50 mm, protrude above the skin and is easily palpable.

Secondary elements of rash:

•pigment disorders – pigmentation disorders of the skin, manifested in the form of bright or, on the contrary, pale spots on the site of the former entities;

•scales – krupnoplastinchatam (e.g., PI scarlet fever) or maloplastichnye (with measles) loosened skin cells that are rejected;

•cork is detachable from ulcers and vesicles shrivelled on the surface of the dermis. There are serous, bloody or purulent, thin and thick, of various shapes;

•fissures are linear tears caused by loss of elasticity skin;

•scarring – solid growth of tissue to replace the skin defect.

Rash in a newborn

This type of rash is formed due to the fact that maternal hormones that infiltrated into the body of the baby in the womb, go outside and leave the child’s body. This phenomenon of a physiological nature and is not dangerous. It is observed in approximately half of the infants in the first days of life. This process is called toxic erythema. Does not require special treatment.

Another cause of rashes in newborns may be an infection acquired in the hospital, most often Staphylococcus aureus.

The reason of white bubbles on the face and body of baby can be sebaceous cysts and hormonal acne. They are caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands are temporary and go away on their own.

Also, the blisters and swelling can be the result of improper skin care, insect bites and non-diet mother.

Hemorrhagic rash

Urgent reason for referral to a specialist is hemorrhagic rash. It indicates diseases of the blood or blood vessels and is manifested by small hemorrhages bluish in color as asterisks on the skin.


Teething often causes pimples around the mouth and neck, due to the profuse salivation. To resolve the problem is enough to observe the hygiene of the skin.

Allergic rash

Comes on suddenly. Characterized by severe itching and redness. Problem solves appointment doctor antihistamines.

Scarlet fever

Infectious disease in which the presence of small rash bright colors manifested with inflammation of the tonsils and high fever. Develops under the influence of the virus Streptococcus. The rashes cover the entire body, leaving only clean nosogubnyj a triangle. Often there is itching. Skin recovery peel off, then cleared.


Highly contagious viral disease that is popular in schools and gardens. In addition to vomiting and temperature is characterized by the presence of vesicles on the skin bubbles with the liquid. After a time they get the crust and they fall off, remains red spot. Can form on face, body and scalp. Never on the palms and soles.


A disease of viral origin. Cough, rhinitis and eye irritation are signs of infection. Possible photophobia. Against the background of these manifestations occurs measles enanthema that covers the mouth and the sky is red spots of small size, among which we can distinguish between the specks. Similar in appearance to grains of semolina. Later the mucous is cleared, but the rash appears on the body. These changes are accompanied by increase in temperature.


This dangerous disease spots of irregular shape cover the buttocks, back, thighs of the child. Urgent call emergency.

Infectious mononucleosis

Among other symptoms – enlarged lymph nodes, fever, weakness, the disease is characterized by skin rashes. However, this is not a mandatory thing. The rash is hemorrhagic form. Passes after a few days.


On the backdrop of a sluggish state and feelings of weakness are often observed low-grade fever. These symptoms join small rashes all over the body, first start to appear behind the ears. The patient is required to stay in bed and be treated by the specialist of the proposed scheme.


For lesions located in pairs in close proximity to each other, the characteristic symptom is itching. Often appear on the abdomen and hands.

Action plan for parents, in any kind of rash, especially in cases of suspected infectious character

•Doctor preferred to call home, and the child’s contact with the foreign limit;

•If the rash bluish in color and resembles the color of marble, and in the form of a star, accompanied by vomiting, fever, breathing difficulties, required an emergency ambulance;

•Inspection specialist not to take any measures for self-treatment of lesions, is not treated by coloring substances.

•It is strictly forbidden to squeeze or pick pustules and blisters, to allow the child to comb itchy rash.

Preventive measures

•Timely vaccinate a child, following the vaccination calendar;

•Try to prevent the development of allergic reactions – a nursing mother needs to follow a diet, and later correctly and timely complementary feeding; the older children need to develop the culture of healthy nutrition;

•Hardening, walks in the fresh air and strengthening the immune system will help prevent most diseases;

•In cases of suspected vectors of infectious diseases in the environment of the baby, you should temporarily avoid contact that pose a risk of infection.

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