Probiotics have proved the usefulness of howl

Scientists have long debated whether it is possible to improve the microflora (and thus improve the health of the whole body) with probiotics, which contains beneficial bacteria. A new study, which is described by the journal Immunity, showed that probiotics are really useful.

In the journal, the scientists reported that the use of large doses of the popular probiotics have increased in the experiment with mice bone density. Informed by science sounded rather skeptical view that gastric juices and acids destroy most of the microbes in the probiotics before reaching the intestine, and therefore can hardly be considered as something useful.

However, the new study showed that bacteria of the species Lactobacillus rhamnosus contained in probiotics, well withstand transit through the stomach. When mouse over the months, received these bacteria, the density of their bones increased by 10%, which significantly reduced the risk of osteoporosis and fractures in the future.

“In the past we argued about whether probiotics work and if so, which ones are most useful. It turned out that they really affect bone health. In our opinion, the number of microbes in probiotic affects its properties are not less than the type of bacteria,” said lead author of the project of Roberto’s Pacifism.
At the same time, according to Medicforma, probiotics should not take people with troubled intestines. Scientists have discovered that the usefulness of supplementation with probiotics depends on the state of the intestinal epithelium – the positive effect they give is only in the case if this layer of the mucosa is not damaged.