More and more Cancellations due to Corona: Which events will be and when you will get your money back

Concerts, football games, fairs, more and more events are due to the rampant Corona ends cancelled-Virus. What they are specifically, and whether or not you get your money refunded, you can find here.

Money for Tickets, travel or hotel accommodation can be, under certain circumstances, refunded. The consumer explains.

Event due to Coronavirus cancelled: money for Tickets refunded

Is a event due to the Coronavirus to be cancelled, you will get your money back. Because the organizer does not comply with its performance obligations, regardless of whether he is responsible for the failure or not, so the consumer advocates. Please contact the organiser or ticket offices to get all the info for a refund.

The same applies if the event is moved, but at the replacement date can not or do not want to. According to the consumer, the Ticket can be returned and you will be refunded the ticket price and, where appropriate, even the pre – sale and shipping fees. Clauses in the terms and conditions, which will allow a return only in the case of a General cancellation, according to the consumer invalid.

Also in the case of season tickets for football games , it is possible to find the money for individual games without an audience to take place (here’s a list with all the mind games), refund to let. According to consumer advocates, the Pro-rata price of a game can be claimed back, even if it is in the Terms and conditions differently.

Tickets for fear of Corona to voluntarily return

Of course, may Tickets out of fear of Corona to voluntarily be returned, but you then have no legal right to a refund of the ticket price. Affected are dependent on the goodwill of the organiser, the consumer advocates.

The cost of a hotel room, other provisions apply. If you have booked a package travel, i.e. Ticket and a hotel room in a, you can contact in case of an event cancellation of the entire trip free of charge. If you have booked separately, it is legally more complicated If the sponsor is to blame for the cancellation, he does not have to reimburse the hotel price, if a force majeure is to be expected, then. Whether in the case of Coronavirus of a force majeure is spoken, it remains to be seen – it is probably the court will be in a fight yet. The price of the ticket but must be in any case refunded.

Also, some of the tickets of the Deutsche Bahn will be refunded. This applies for tickets to a particular destination (concert, football game, fair, etc.), which was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Passengers who do not want to for fear of Corona in Italy-risk areas, get out of grace the money refunded. Also, if the booked Hotel (home and abroad) is under quarantine, will be refunded to the arrival. Concerned should, according to the DB at the point of sale, or the customer service channels of Deutsche Bahn apply.

What events are you in danger of fail specifically because of Corona

The outbreak of the Virus leads to numerous failures of large-scale events. An Overview.

Note: This article is continuously updated and represents a selection of important events.

North Rhine-Westphalia

  • WDR 5-literature marathon (13. March) cancelled in Cologne
  • Cyber Security Tech Summit in Bonn cancelled
  • Pro Wine Trade Fair (15. to 17. March) moved to Düsseldorf
  • METAV 2020 (International fair for technologies of metal processing) moved
  • International fitness trade fair Fibo in Cologne on 1. to 4. October moved
  • International Hardware Fair (1. to 4. March) cancelled in Cologne
  • Billiards-world Championships in Viersen cancelled (new date probably in 2020)
  • “Yonex German Open” (3. to 8. March) in Mülheim an der Ruhr
  • The Literature Festival Lit.Cologne (10.-21. March) in Cologne

Similarly, the measure &quot were;Beauty", "Top Hair", the wire trade fair "wire" and pipe trade fair "Tube" cancelled.

Due to the Coronavirus to make churches in Bielefeld to. Expected to to 20. March in the pastoral composite Bielefeld-Ost no Church services instead, because up to this point, all of the pastor of the parish in quarantine must stay, as the composite of the Catholic news Agency (KNA) on Monday said. Up to and including Friday, all seven churches were closed. The news would constantly be published online. The measure applies since Saturday evening.


  • Didacta Education Fair (24. to 28. March) moved to Stuttgart
  • Bach week (13. to 21. March) cancelled in Stuttgart
  • Aqua-Fish (6. to 8. March) and the spring trade fair IBO (18. to 22. March) moved in Friedrichshafen


  • Politicians-Derblecken on the Nockherberg moved
  • Arms exhibition IWA in Nuremberg cancelled
  • Fensterbau Frontale and Holz-Handwerk (18. to 21. March) in Nuremberg, later moved
  • Easter market in Abensberg (1. to 13. April) cancelled
  • Real estate fair in Munich, moved to 24. to 26. April
  • International crafts fair (IHM) in Munich, cancelled, next appointment in March 2021
  • Education fair in Kelheim cancelled
  • 150-year Celebration of the DAV section in Regensburg (7. March) moved
  • "Dance your Style"-The tournament moved to Weiden on October

In Bavaria, are all state-owned theatres, concert halls and Opera houses from 11. March until the end of the Easter holidays on 19. April closed, the spread of the Coronavirus curb. The money for the tickets, you will report to, said arts Minister Bernd Sibler (CSU). Alone for the operas to reckon with costs of around four million euros.

The Bavarian state Opera wants to bring during the closing of selected pieces still on the stage in front of empty stands. Viewers could watch the performances live over the Internet, a spokesman said on Tuesday in Munich. Also many other houses and cultural institutions in Bavaria are in the next time. So decided to have the city of Munich on Tuesday, the Philharmonic, the chamber of games, the Volkstheater and the German theatre to close.


  • Internationale Tourismus börse ITB (4. to 8. March) cancelled
  • Pharmaceutical Conference Vision.A from the middle of March, postponed to June
  • All the performances in the Deutsche Oper Berlin on the big stage in the period 11. March to 19. April 2020 have to be cancelled. The performances in the Foyer and in the carpenter’s workshop are to be held until Further notice. To find the Reimbursement you Wednesday for more information.


  • Job and training fair JOBinale in Potsdam on 11. March cancelled


  • Cancellation of the accident medical meeting on 6. and 7. March
  • The works Council meeting of Telekom in Bremen cancelled


  • Gastro – and hotel industry trade fair Internorga (13. to 17. March) postponed, to be rescheduled
  • Beatles Festival (27. up to 29. March) in Hamburg postponed, new date on 15. and 16. August

More to the Corona epidemic you read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.


  • Memorial concert for the victims of the attack in Hanau, Germany (7. March) moved on 17. May
  • Trade Fair “Light And Building” (8. to 13. March) in Frankfurt moved to September
  • Country chamber of pharmacists, Hessen says Central training (14./15. March) pouring in from
  • Glass-fiber-exhibition fiber days in Wiesbaden, Germany, 13./14. October moved
  • Frankfurt’s future-Congress at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences moved
  • Night of training in Darmstadt, Germany (13. March) cancelled
  • Hilton-Bazaar of the Frankfurter kinderschutzbund (7. March) cancelled
  • Day of the archives in Bad Homburg (7. March) cancelled
  • Agricultural fair of the country, and enjoyment (20.-22. March) in Frankfurt has been moved to next year


  • Workshop on plasma research in Greifswald cancelled
  • Annual reception of the IHK (10. March) cancelled in Rostock

More to the Cancellations of national and international sporting events you can read here.

Lower Saxony

  • Hannover Messe postponed, new date 13. to 17. July
  • Wasa-Lauf in Celle from 8. March 31. October moved
  • Deutsche Messe AG has the for 17. to 19. March planned IT show Twenty2x in Hannover on 23. to 25. June moved
  • "The day of the Kirchenvorstände" (21. March) in Hannover on the 17th. April 2021 moved
  • The spring meeting of the German physicists Congress in Hannover cancelled (8. March)


  • Almond blossoms canceled festival in Neustadt-Gimmel things
  • German-French biosphere farmer’s market in Rumbach (22. March) will not take place


  • SaarLorLux Tourism Exchange (14. 15. March) cancelled in St. Ingbert, Germany


  • Leipzig Book Fair (12. to 15. March) cancelled
  • Trade Union meeting of the IG metal (14. March) cancelled in Leipzig
  • The spring meeting of the German physicists Congress in Dresden cancelled (15. March)
  • Integration fair in Löbau on 16. Of September shifted


  • Annual reception of the chamber of Commerce and industry (IHK) in Kiel, Germany cancelled


  • Meeting of the Association of the Thuringian house of the doctors (14. March) cancelled in Erfurt
  • Conference of the German nutrition society, Jena, cancelled
  • High school information day at the Bauhaus-University (7. March) cancelled in Weimar
  • The day of the carnival (28. March) cancelled in Apolda
  • Wheelchair Basketball quarter-finals of the Champions League (13. to 15. March) cancelled in Erfurt

Virus name – Sars-CoV-2, Covid-19, and Corona – differences and significance explained

Barcelona Marathon due to Coronavirus in October moved

The for the 15. March planned Barcelona Marathon has been moved due to the new Coronavirus in the autumn. The sporting event in the Catalan capital to now on 25. October take place, informed the municipal administration on Saturday. This had been decided, in consultation with the health authorities, the spread of the Virus to contain. To have the Marathon, logged a record number of 17 000 participants, half of them from abroad, reported the Spanish newspaper "La Vanguardia".

In Spain until Saturday noon about 430 cases of infection with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 were confirmed. Eight elderly people died so far in Covid-19.

Switzerland says all the Events with more than 1000 people

Due to the rising number of Coronavirus cases, Switzerland has 15 until Further notice, all major events with more than 1000 people to the. March is cancelled. The interior Minister Alain Berset said on Friday. The well-known Geneva motor show is canceled on been. The international vehicle trade fair is apportioned in this year, informed the authorities on Friday. Also, the Basler Fasnacht, the Survival Run Thun and the Skimarathon Engadin are cancelled.

Football and ice-hockey matches of the highest leagues with more than 1000 spectators are allowed on the instructions of the Swiss Federal Council to 15. March no longer take place. Possible the spirit will remain, therefore, but games without Fans or games with smaller audiences. Alternatively, the scheduled games to be postponed or cancelled.

On Monday, the 20 Clubs of the Swiss Football League decided that because of the Coronavirus epidemic all the football games of the 1. and 2. League for the whole of the March to be cancelled. Before the 24 were already. Round last weekend, as well as the Cup quarter-finals this week, have been postponed.

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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