Montreal-area brothers hope to go viral with ‘Old Town Road’ remix ‘COVID Road’

Brothers Mason and Aden Schneider live just south of Montreal, and like a lot of kids, they been sitting at home a lot these days.

“I’ve been very, very, very bored,” Aden told Global News.

To battle the boredom, Aden, 10, and Mason, 7, decided to tap into their creative sides.

“I sang a kind of random remix of Old Town Road, and then our dad thought we should create a song and we just did it,” Aden said.

There is a good chance you’ve heard Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, one of the biggest hits of the past year.

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Drawing inspiration from their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with a little help from their dad Lee, Aden and Mason came up with their own version.

Instead of the original lyric, “can’t nobody tell me nothing”, they sang, “can’t nobody leave their houses.” Instead of, “I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road”, they sang, “I’m gonna walk around the block again.”

“We spent a lot of time in our house the past seven weeks, and trying to find creative ways to stay busy, keep them busy and sane,” said Lee Schneider, who filmed and edited the video. It took the three of them about two weeks to complete their masterpiece.

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