Mom Gets Pregnant Naturally After Having Her Fallopian Tubes Removed: ‘I Was Shocked’

When Elizabeth Kough felt those tell-tale signs of pregnancy last year, she was “shocked” because she didn’t think it was possible — four years earlier she had her fallopian tubes removed, and thought her third child would be the last one.

But, somehow, she was pregnant with her fourth child.

“Of course at first I was shocked, and I was like, this isn’t in my plan, because I’m a planner. But sometimes, the best-laid plans, you need to just do away with those,” Kough, 39, told The News Tribune.

The Kearney, Missouri-based Kough opted to get her fallopian tubes removed in 2015, after she turned 35.

“I had three children,” she explained. “And so, I decided that my family was complete, and I had what’s called a self-endectomy, where I had my fallopian tubes removed. It prevents pregnancy and helps prevent ovarian cancer. So I was quite shocked when last year I was kind of feeling pregnant.”

Kough took a pregnancy test, which confirmed that she was, in fact, expecting, and her surprise turned to concern. Fallopian tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus, and without them, there was a strong chance that the fertilized egg was not in her uterus, the ideal spot for the fetus to grow.

“Once I found out that I was pregnant I was very concerned that the baby was going to be in my abdominal cavity, but we were floored and excited that he was actually in my uterus where he was supposed to be,” she said.

With her baby safely growing, Kough and her doctors looked at how this could have happened.

“The thought process was it was probably a botched surgery,” she explained. “But it turned out — the doctors pulled my surgical records, they did ultrasounds, and then when I had a caesarian, they were able to look inside my abdominal cavity and the surgery was done entirely properly. There were no tubes, and Benjamin is a very rare baby. It’s very rare that this occurred and we are very blessed to have him here.”

Now Kough is happily enjoying life with baby Benjamin, who was born in March.

“He is a beautiful baby. I am exceptionally lucky to have him in my life,” she said. “I have one child leaving the house and one child coming in. It’s hard to explain. I just feel very full of joy. Very, very full. I’m very blessed to have him around. I’m shocked in a great way. I’m shocked and awed.”

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