Mob storms hospital – 29 Ebola-Infected flee

On Saturday night’s capital Monrovia in Liberia 17 Ebola patients, a quarantine station and fled. Previously, angry slum dwellers had entered the clinic, who had demonstrated against the sanctions imposed by the government.

In Liberia, 29 Ebola escaped patients from a quarantine centre in the capital Monrovia. Among the patients confirmed and suspected cases, were stated in a report in the newspaper "Front Page Africa" on Sunday.

You would have to leave the hospital in a poor neighborhood in Monrovia on Saturday evening with the help of incensed citizens. These were previously penetrated protesting in the clinic.

Strict government requirements to trigger protests in the Slum

The health Ministry had previously announced to the entire Slum quarantine, to prevent the inhabitants from travelling to other areas. "We will bring food and other goods to West Point, before the measure tritt&quot in force;, it was called. Many citizens have reacted furiously to the announcement and with resistance to the action threatened. dpa on The Liberian population is fighting against the quarantine measures taken by the government to fight the Ebola disease

The majority of the protesters were young people. “Come and try it, you’ll see what you have of it.“, according to the "Front Page Africa" Slogans of the insurgents have been.

The relief organization “Samaritan’s Purse” reported the newspaper by similar protests when she tried the medical supply to expand and build additional quarantine and care centers in the area.

Four toilets for 75,000 people

The Slum of West Point, where the incident took place, is densely populated and is in close proximity to the city centre of Monrovia. In the district of about 75,000 people live. Now it is feared that the escaped patients could infect other people.

According to the report, catastrophic hygiene conditions in the poor district. An investigation according to the UN, were just four public toilets in the area. There are more, but these should be subject to a charge, and for the people not affordable.

The West African Liberia is one of the worst of the epidemic-affected countries. More than 400 people have died there, according to the world health organization (WHO) has already to the Virus.