“I’ve slept a total of a long time!” Eight reasons why you’re tired all the time

Do you feel listless and dull, constantly tired? Not always the reason of too little sleep. FOCUS Online called eight surprising reasons for your fatigue to be responsible.

Even though you have slept well, you feel tired during the day and powerless? This can have different causes. The most surprising to do with lack of sleep.

Tired all the time? Eight possible reasons

1. Are you suffering from a malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Our thyroid gland secretes hormones that regulate the metabolism. A sub-function, supplied by the thyroid the body with insufficient triiodothyronine and thyroxine. As a result, our pulse rate drops and we feel tired. Also hyperthyroidism can seem exhaustive. Because of this, our cells consume a lot of oxygen. We get heart palpitations, feel anxious and powerless.

Tip: Let a doctor take a look. It can measure the concentration of thyroid hormones in your blood to determine whether your thyroid is functioning properly.

2. Your body iron is missing.

About half of all women suffers from iron deficiency. The Federal chamber of physicians reported. As a result, it can develop chronic anemia. The red blood cells do not deliver enough oxygen to the rest of the cells in our body. The result: We feel tired, cannot concentrate and are more prone to colds. The trigger for a lack of iron can be a strong period, a high blood loss due to a birth or a low iron diet.

Tip: be Sure to have enough iron from food. The trace element is, among other things, in meat, bread, vegetables, and legumes. The Federal chamber of physicians recommends the addition of Vitamin C-containing foods, because they assist the absorption of iron in the gastro-intestinal tract.

3. You can take anti allergics.

If the house dust tickles the nose, or the Pollen is flying, grab some Allergy-free directly after getting Up to medicines. Many antihistamines suppress not only the allergic reactions, you will be directed to the nerve cells in the brain and make it tired.

Tip: Allergy sufferers should take the medication just before bedtime, or on the active ingredients. The British Ministry of transport noted in a week-long investigation, that subjects taking loratadine, less sleepy and more efficient than subjects, who took, for example, cetirizine.

4. They drink too little.

Those who drink too little, has a bad sleep. The researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine found to the University of Pennsylvania. They analysed data from 4500 men and women and were able to prove The connection of Sleep and Drink a vicious cycle. Anyone who sleeps poorly, drink during the day little. And who drinks little, sleeps worse.

Tip: at Least 1.5 to two liters of you should daily take, recommends the German Federal chamber of physicians.

5. You suffer from Diabetes.

The hormone Insulin helps the cells in our body, grape-sugar to be incorporated from the blood, convert it into energy. By type 2 Diabetes this mechanism is disturbed. Patients can feel tired and weak.

Tip: you suspect you are behind your tiredness is Diabetes? Then make an appointment with your family doctor. It can be clarified by using various blood tests, if you suffer from Diabetes.

6. You move too little.

You are tired and have no desire to play a Sport? This could be a vicious circle. After all, who moves to little, also suffers from frequent fatigue. This is demonstrated by several studies. The Cochrane Collaboration, an independent network of Physicians and scientists, conducted a study in 2012 with more than 4000 cancer patients. They found that endurance sports can even relieve cancer-related fatigue.

Tip: Here is the cycle to break! Who pulls itself together and to do some sports or just a round walk in the fresh air, feel in retrospect fitter.

7. You have a lack of Vitamin B12.

Who has too little Vitamin B12 in the body can develop anemia. Symptoms of this are skin fatigue, impaired concentration, and a pale. In fact, our body can store the Vitamin in the liver and of the reserves for several years to follow. Since Vitamin B12 can be found in many animal products, but have symptoms, especially Vegans, are at increased risk for deficiency. A Vitamin B12 deficiency but it can move, therefore, that the absorption of the Vitamin in the stomach-intestine-disturbed tract.

Tip: Vitamin B12 is, among other things, in salmon, eggs, and cheese. Vegans received the substance, for example, from algae or Sauerkraut. A doctor can determine whether the body absorbs in spite of a balanced diet, too little Vitamin B12.

8. You have to drink coffee.

Coffee is to make it fit the best immediately. Many coffee drinkers forget that caffeine can act as a delay. Who drinks in the afternoon, a Cup, the caffeine effect may be only when you go to sleep. This may bring the sleeping-rhythm mess.

Tip: Watch when the coffee shows its effect. The Cup ensures you only hours after Drinking for the desired energy kick, you should drink coffee rather only in the morning and in the afternoon on other drinks require.