Important recall: organic manufacturer calls for vegetable broth

Allergen that is not declared: manufacturer launches the callback for vegetable broth

The dennree GmbH in the Bavarian town of Töpen has launched a recall for vegetable broth and Vegetable bouillon cubes. According to the company, the products may contain the undeclared Allergen of celery. People with celery Allergy, and should not be eating the food.

Health problems possible

The organic wholesaler dennree from Töpen (Bavaria) calls back multiple items because they could not contain the undeclared Allergen of celery. “People who are allergic to celery, can affect the of this product health,” writes the company in a notice published on the Portal “” the German länder and of the Federal office for consumer protection.

Vegetable broth and Vegetable bouillon cubes

The following products (all batches and expiration dates) are affected by the recall:

  • dennree vegetable broth -yeast-free – 130 gr.
  • dennree vegetable broth refill -yeast free – 250 gr.
  • dennree vegetable broth refill with organic-yeast – 250 gr.
  • dennree vegetable stock cubes -yeast free – 60 gr.
  • dennree vegetable stock cubes -organic-yeast – 66 gr.

The data showed that all the batches are taken out of the sale.

Allergies should not consume the affected products

“For people who are not affected by a celery Allergy, the products are safely edible,” says the manufacturer.

Customers with a celery Allergy are asked not to consume the affected products but return them to the respective point of sale.

The purchase amount will be refunded without a receipt.

One of the most important allergens from plant-based foods

As the Medical University (MedUni) of Vienna on your website, belongs to the celery in Central Europe, “the most important of all genes from plant food in adults and can be mild oral symptoms to life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.”

According to the figures, three important allergens have so far been identified: Api g 1, Api g4 and Api g5.

Almost 59 percent of the people with celery Allergy react to Api g1, and 23-41% to Api g 4.