How can harm the intestines antibiotics

The team of scientists of scientists from Denmark and China was determined to find out as it may harm the intestines and antibiotics. As a result, scientists were able to ascertain that drugs are a class of antibiotics do harm the intestinal flora. The researchers found specifics of the damage caused by these drugs the human intestine.

Until now, large studies examining the response of the microflora to antibiotics was carried out. In a new scientific work of the staff of the University of Copenhagen and the Institute for BGI in Shenzhen established; after taking antibiotics the bacteria of the intestinal flora can recover their numbers, but not the composition.

Specialists conducted an experiment in which volunteers took some time antibiotics. This experience has shown how antibiotics can harm the human intestine. It turned out that some species of bacteria in the intestinal microbiome are destroyed and no longer appear in the composition of the microflora. In particular, among the gut microbes of its previous types, the subjects disappeared nine.

Some microorganisms after taking antibiotics, by contrast, are fixed in the intestine, occupying the vacant space after the extinct species. All of this can lead to an imbalance in the intestinal microflora.

In assessing the potential harm done by antibiotics to the gut, the researchers stated that “after a course of antibiotics the composition of the intestinal microflora returning to normal only after about six months after this treatment – but not completely.”
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