Hangovers don’t get worse but better as you get older, study claims

Hangovers apparently get less severe as you get older as your pain sensitivity drops, a new study revealed.

The news may be surprising as many of us feel that our hangovers now are epic compared to when we were 18.

We used to jump out of bed a few hours late and be fine whereas now we spend two days on the sofa worrying we’ll actually die this time.

So, what’s going on?

Well, writing in the Alcohol and Alcoholism Journal, experts claimed that as work and family responsibility increased the negative effects of drinking decreased.

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And, they said that knowing how drunk you feel and your limits can be a good predictor of the severity of your hangover.

The experts said: "Hangover severity declines with age, even after controlling for the amount of alcohol consumed.

"Sex differences were greatest in the younger age groups but became significantly smaller or absent in the older age groups.

"The relationship between age and hangover severity is strongly mediated by subjective intoxication.

“Pain sensitivity, lower with ageing, might be a mediator."

To get the results the experts used a quiz on Dutch consumers.

Of the 761 participants, 61%were female and all were aged between 18-94 years old.

They found that younger people drank more booze than older folk.

And, men consumed more alcohol than women on average.

Experts evaluated data from drinkers’ heaviest drinking occasion during a two-month period.

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In the quiz, the research team asked participants about their alcohol consumption from January to March 2020.

They stated: "During this period, there were no (coronavirus) restrictions on normal bar and club openings that could have influenced the study outcome."

The study was conducted by Utrecht University.

The NHS recommends drinking no more than 14 units of alcohol each week.

If you are struggling with your alcohol consumption contact your GP for support or visit drinkaware.co.uk for resources.

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