Diabetes is curable?

Diabetes is a widespread disease: About seven million people in Germany suffer from it. The metabolic disorder results in elevated blood sugar levels and a result can draw diseases to. In the current special topic of the New pharmacies are magazines all about the latest treatment options. In addition, readers can test their personal risk of diabetes.

Until a few years ago, you said: "Once Diabetes, always Diabetes." But today, experts know that the disease in many cases, in the long term, good push back, and even talk of "besiegen". The New pharmacies-Illustrated spoke with leading scientists. Read more about this in the current special topic.

People with venous disease benefit stockings for a long time compression. Meanwhile, more and more athletes are using this tool as well. This reflected a positive impact on performance and health? More information Dr. Uwe Kirschner, a vein specialist from Mainz, Germany, explains in an Interview on aponet.de.

The price puzzle: The competition of the current edition there are again 500 Euro to win.

Other topics include: mammography: An x-ray image of the breast Herpes: to fight the bubbles of anxiety and depression after alcohol

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