Because Coronavirus: Tirol all 279 municipalities under quarantine

The whole of the Austrian state of Tyrol, is made from midnight onwards, due to the spread of the Coronavirus under quarantine.

"We adopt quarantine regulations for all of the 279 Tyrolean municipalities. This means that The municipality may only be relied on when it comes to the coverage of basic services, to the General interest or to come to work – and then only to the nearest Ort", informed of the Tyrol, the country of the chief, Günther Platter, on Wednesday evening via Facebook.

474 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Tirol

"If there is a doctor, a pharmacy, a grocery and a Bank in the place, do not leave the municipality for these purposes."

Tirol will isolate as a single state, even more from its neighbors. "This means that only those able to travel to Tirol, in Tirol, at home or in the critical infrastructure or supply arbeiten", Platter wrote on Facebook. The movement is permitted under certain conditions. "That of the Tyrol, isolated self, is absolutely necessary. Because we want to prevent, on the one hand, the Virus spreads from the Tyrol, and we can protect ourselves on the other hand, in addition."

In the Tyrol the chief been 474 confirmed cases of Sars-CoV-2 were according to the country-infections-counted – more than in any other Austrian province. Last criticism was that Tyrol have to be acted timid and not consistently enough in order to contain the Virus. Mainly due to the ski tourism, which was set on Sunday, is likely to have the Virus quickly spread.

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