All cigarettes are poisoning our body E – cigarettes can be effective in Smoking cessation

English health authorities recommend E-cigarettes to stop Smoking

Through a large-scale campaign, the English health authorities want to motivate the population to give up Smoking, by demonstrating the drastic Health effects that arise from each cigarette. To Stop the experts recommend a change to the E-cigarette.

Public Health England (PHE) has published a number of short films that show the devastating damage caused by Smoking. The message of the films are: “If You could see the damage, would you stop right now!” In an additional Experiment is presented, how much chemicals and tar accumulate in the veins and lungs of smokers within just a month. The same Experiment with E-cigarettes showed that in the same period, about 95 percent fewer pollutants are deposited.

English health experts warn of false security fears

As the experts of the PHE report, believe about 44 percent of the smokers that the vapor the E-cigarette is just as harmful as tobacco smoke. “It would be tragic if thousands of smokers could quit with help of E-cigarette, will be deterred due to a false sense of security fears,” said Professor John Newton of Public Health England in a press release on the new campaign. The aim of the campaign was to reassure smokers that switching to an E-cigarette is much less harmful than Smoking cigarettes.

Long-term use of E-cigarettes are relatively safe

“Studies that we and others conducted show that E-cigarette vapor are less harmful than tobacco smoke, and that the long-term use of E-cigarettes is relatively safe,” adds Dr. Lion Shahab, a leading Smoking cessation researcher at the University College London. The use of E-cigarettes or nicotine replacement such as patches or chewing gum would increase the chances of a successful stop Smoking.

Smoking – the worst thing you the health can do to

“Smoking the risk of suffering more than 50 serious diseases increases, including cancer and numerous heart diseases and it doubles the risk to die of a stroke,” warns Dr. Shahab. On average 6 out of 10 smokers want to quit. The most try it with pure force of will, although this is, according to Shahab, the least effective method.

Smoking versus E-cigarette

Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Rosemary Leonard illustrated by an Experiment of how many pollutants accumulate within a month, in the bodies of smokers, and in those of E-cigarette users. You were the smoke of cigarettes in a bell jar, which was filled with cotton wool. In a second bell in the vapor of E-cigarettes. According to the average amount of inhaling Smoking within a month, was the cotton wool in the bell by the tobacco smoke, dark brown and glued together with a viscous tar-slime. In the bell with the E-cigarette vapor the cotton remained white (see picture above).

It is never too late to quit

Dr. Rosemary Leonard: “I give to the patient regularly advice on how to Stop, and if I were to recommend E-cigarettes, I wonder often, that many people have the wrong idea.” The results of the experiment have clearly shown that each cigarette causes tar to enter the body and poison in the blood circulation spread. E-cigarette vapor is much less harmful. Dr. Leonard is hoping that this Experiment helps motivate more smokers to switch, and then to get Off. It is never too late to quit, so the conclusion of the expert.