Candice Bergen Becomes a Grandmother for the First Time as Daughter Chloe Welcomes Baby Boy

Malle was actually the mastermind behind, BergenBags, the actress’s popular side project. Instead of using canvas, Bergen draws custom designs on thousand-dollar designer handbags featuring a variety of artwork, from dogs to horses, hamsters and even the solar system.

Her clientele includes Barbra Streisand, Lena Dunham and Julie Andrews.

“Someone had given [Chloe] a Louis Vuitton tote,” Bergen explained of how she got her start. “I had just come in from the art store where I bought a bunch of art pens and she said, ‘Oh, you can decorate my bag.’ ”

While at first hesitant to “ruin” a Vuitton bag, Bergen decorated it with “rabbits and things.”

“[Chloe] put it on Instagram and then her friends wanted me to decorate some of their bags and BergenBags sort of spontaneously gave birth that way,” she said.

All the proceeds of the more than 80 bags she’s designed will go to the ASPCA or the Natural Resources Defense Council. Sales from her new line of hand-painted items, including T-shirts, bags, phone cases and dishes, all available at, will also benefit those charities.

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