The Adorable Way Brittany & Patrick Mahomes' Daughter Sterling Interacts With Animals Is So Unlike Her Usual Sassy Self

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have such an adorable daughter, who seems just as sassy as her mama and just as excited as her papa. It seems like we’re learning something new every day about their daughter Sterling, and the newest detail we found out through Brittany is so freaking cute!

On Sept 24, Brittany uploaded a photo of Sterling to her Instagram story with the caption, “She loves to look at all the animals and wave to them, but never gets too close or touches 😂.”

In the heartwarming photo, we see Brittany crouching next to Sterling, who’s staring curiously at the sting rays. We’ve seen Sterling interact with animals before, and Brittany’s observation tracks because even in those photos, Sterling never got too close.

Honestly, this is so darn cute! We love that Sterling is trying so hard to bond with all of the animals she interacts with (and we have no doubt their son will be the same way!)

Brittany and Patrick have been together since high school and married back on March 12, 2022, in Hawaii. They share one daughter named Sterling Skye, 1, and are expecting a baby boy soon!

In a previous post, Brittany called Sterling her “motivation,” saying on her Instagram, “I hope to teach Sterling to be the most kind, gentle, loving human on this planet while also being that badass she needs to be when she grows up. You know success is a little bit different when you have kids involved.”

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