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As many repetitions as to create, at best with heavy Weights – that is the motto in the Gym or at Home is often the Workout.

The execution of the Exercises often remain on the track, can be large and frequent load at some point to the Problem.

Especially the easy-to-hit equipment-bearing joints should be rested.

The most common form mistakes and how to correct power

Kayla Itsines, Personal trainer, Fitness Influencerin with 12.5 million followers on Instagram, and founder of the nutrition and fitness program BBG (Bikini Body Guide), know how important the correct execution of exercises is in force.

A faulty execution is accompanied not only with an increased risk of injury, the Exercise also often effective lose.

Kayla is of the opinion that, no matter whether you are a Fitness beginner or already trained for years, always room for improvement.

For three popular strength exercises, she shows in a Video, what mistakes they often see and how they are easy to repair.

1. Exercise: Step Up

This Exercise requires that you alternately sets foot on a chair and you with the force from the leg press until you stand upright with both feet on the chair. Then it goes one foot after the other back down.

Common errors here, so Kayla, are the Position of the foot on the chair and the posture of the back. Make sure to place the foot in the middle of the chair, in order to have a solid Stand.

When you push your weight should be on the heel and the back always in a straight Position. Don’t let yourself fall to the front, but to come in erect Position and stay also during the descent in an upright position.

This may help, if you aim at a fixed point on the opposite wall. So you’re not tempted to look at your feet down.

2. Exercise: Squat

Even with the apparent ease of the knee you can bend a lot the wrong. At the latest, when carrying out this Exercise with weight, can lead to a wrong attitude to injuries.

Therefore, make sure to stand shoulder width, while the tips of the toes pointing slightly outward. So, you can prevent your knees tilt inwards. It is crucial also that you the down the weight go to the heels, and the whole body towards the ground.

To many, the idea helps you would want on a behind them, placed stools set.

The back remains in a straight posture, and the knee-you should not be on the tips of your toes to push.

3. Exercise: Bent over row

When rowing you’re in a similar position as with the Squat: You’re standing shoulder-width and slightly bent in the knees. In addition, the torso is flexed to approximately 45 degrees to the front, the back is straight.

Perform the movements slowly and controlled. Not to pull quick High the Weights only increases the risk of injury, it makes the Exercise less effective.

The Weights move with force and not with momentum. Above you can hold in the short and the shoulder blades is as far as it will move in together, then the Weights slowly back to the starting position back.

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