How to live longer: Expert recommends the anti-cancer foods that may boost longevity

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As life expectancy slightly dipped in the UK over the recent years, many are looking for ways to keep their lifespan healthy and long. While eating your way to better health might sound too good to be true, Wellness Psychologist Ieva Kubiliute from Olio Lusso recommended just that.

The expert’s list for boosting longevity while lowering the risk of cancer includes the usual suspects:

  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Beans.

Cruciferous vegetables

Mrs Kubiliute said: “Most cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower are nutrient-dense and can be taken cooked or raw to reap the potential health benefits.

“They contain minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and sulforaphane phytochemicals that can prevent the development of cancer tumours and body inflammation.”

Apart from their anti-cancer properties, these veggies can also cut your risk of heart disease, and boost your immune system.

All of their powers make them a good choice for those looking to prolong their lifespan, according to the expert.

Nuts and seeds

Considered as one of the integral components of the healthy Mediterranean diet, nuts and seeds offer plentiful benefits.

Mrs Kubiliute said: “Adding nuts and seeds will provide the body with essential nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, phytosterols, minerals, and antioxidant properties needed for longevity.

“They also have a low glycaemic index, aid in weight management, regulate calorie intake by lowering hunger feelings, and reduce risks of heart diseases and certain cancers.”

Packed with unsaturated fats, nuts are known for being able to keep your cholesterol levels at bay.

As the fatty substance can hike your risk of heart disease, nuts can consequently protect your cardiovascular health.

Heart UK recommends opting for 28 to 30 grams of nuts daily, which is the equivalent of around a handful.


Mrs Kubiliute said: “Eating beans regularly adds up your starch and fibre levels.

“This can aid in lowering hunger feelings, stabilising blood sugar, regulating cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of growth of cancer cells, and improving gut health.”

According to research published in the journal Nutrients, beans may also help reduce harmful belly fat, known as visceral fat.

The expert explained that all of this can contribute to “facilitating a better and longer life”.

Apart from potent foods, Mrs Kubiliute also recommended drinking water and green tea.

The hot drink is also backed by plenty of research, highlighting its anti-cancer and longevity benefits.

A 2006 research found that those who drank more than five cups of green tea a day had a 26 percent lower risk of death from heart attacks or strokes.

Another research suggests that those who drink green tea at least three times a week live on average 15 months longer than those who don’t.

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