Drug boost for men with advanced prostate cancer increases chance of survival

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The analysis, funded by Cancer Research UK and AstraZeneca UK, proved the benefits of adding the drug capivasertib to the treatment of men whose cancer had spread to other parts of the body.

Some 150 people took part in the trial by the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, based at the University of Southampton. A spokeswoman said: “Capivasertib is a targeted cancer drug that stops the signals cancer cells use to grow and divide.

“The results showed that, although capivasertib did not increase the time before the cancer started to grow again, overall survival was increased for patients in the capivasertib group compared to those in the placebo group.”

Dr Simon Crabb, associate professor of medical oncology, said the trial findings – published in the journal European Urology – “may be of particular benefit for patients previously treated with hormone therapy”.

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