US-study: use of Cannabis since legalization is clearly on the decline

At the Federal level, the consumption of cannabis products in the USA is banned, as before. However, the handling of the drug is increasingly being decriminalized. Since 2012, legalized, many U.S. States, marijuana as a recreational drug and for medical use. Since then, much discussion about the potential dangers of Cannabis use, especially among adolescents and young people. One of the biggest Concerns of experts was and is the question of whether legalization of the drug seduce more young people to consume. The preliminary answer from science: no.

The show, at least from an article that appeared in the journal “Jama Pediatrics”. There American have been analyzed by scientists more than 1.4 million young people on the other side of marijuana use. The analysis yielded two surprising results. For one, no longer means that young people consume Cannabis than before the legalization. The High School students gave largely the same answers as before the drug policy paradigm shift in the respective Federal States. More surprising, the provisional hypothesis of the scientists, however, is that young people smoke cannabis in total, even less than before the legalization. Important: The surveys were representative, the results can be quite different from the actual facts.

Cannabis consumption: studies from Washington are contradictory

The slight downward trend detected previously, a study from the state of Washington in the North-West of the USA. Thus, 7.3 percent of eighth graders reported having in the past month, at least once Cannabis is consumed. Prior to the legalization there were, however, still 9.8 percent. Also in the case of the tenth graders, the consumption decreased by about two percentage points to 17.8 percent. One explanation for the downward trend might be, according to the authors of the study, the reduction of the black market. A regulated distribution of power, it is so Minor harder to get to Cannabis products.

Another study from Washington, however, comes to quite different results and could not detect a downward trend in relation to the use of Cannabis among young people. Scientifically-based facts and long-term studies on the topic are (still) not known. In the US, the consumer, and regulated cultivation of Cannabis in ten States, it’s legal. Including in Washington, where the studies were conducted. In more than 30 States where marijuana for medical use is released. 2018 Canada. Also Uruguay has in relation to Cannabis, a very liberal drug policy. In Portugal the possession and consumption of small quantities of any kind of drugs was decriminalized completely.

Source: “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, Jama Pediatrics

Stricter Drug Policy

Berlin AfD wants to punish Smoking Weed with high fines

Consumers are caught with small amounts of marijuana, not keep track of the authorities, this offence is often more. The Berlin AfD wants to change that now, and calls for fines of 500 euros – even for small quantities.