Sports are always best at the same time

For many, it is a real challenge to find time for sports. If you want to make the Best out of his Training, should complete the new study results, according to the best every day, at the same time.

Scientists at the Brown Alpert Medical School in the United States have shown that it is irrelevant, whether you go in the morning before work or jog in the evening on the bike swings. When it comes to weight loss, more consistency is crucial: survey results from 375 people who want to lose weight through Sport, there was a strong correlation between moderate-to-vigorous physical activity to always the same time of day and the duration of the training.

A automatism, so, the mindless repetition, makes it easier, apparently, essential to keep to a workout. About the activities to be carried out daily set times are – about the Pick up of the children or Work – we do not worry. Thinking about whether we should go on the treadmill, reduced, however, with great probability, the duration of the activity. The secret was according to the researchers, therefore, the Training as a permanent appointment to view: Select so it’s best to have a fixed time for it and stick with it.

Worldwide, nearly one-third of women and almost a quarter of men who is physically not sufficiently active to stay healthy. It is recommended to be per week at least 150 minutes of moderately physically active. It should remain so long on the Ball, that the heart at least ten minutes long to fit neatly in the swing. The daily walk to the train station doesn’t count here, so a little effort is required.