Magnetic field therapy

The magnetic field therapy is based on the assumption that all living beings can be influenced by an electro-magnetic own magnetic field, the by a variety of factors, or weakened, causing health problems arise. With the help of various types of magnetic field therapy the electric influence of magnetic field in the body positive and health be restored.

Table of contents

  • Static Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Invasive electromagnetic field therapy, or electro-Osteostimulation

There are different forms of magnetic field therapy: the difference between the static and the vibrant form of therapy. Both are non-invasive. In addition, there are invasive magnetic field therapy, also called electro-Osteostimulation.

History of magnetic field therapy

There is evidence to suggest that already about two thousand years ago, healers in China have used magnetic stones for the treatment. The ancient Romans and Egyptians to stone the power of Magnet, magnetic rods and magnetic jewelry are used. The famous Greek doctor Hippocrates (460-375 BC), also guessed that magnets have healing power and Paracelsus (1493-1541) was also a regular magnets in his therapy work with.

The application areas range were wide and ranged from depression about hemorrhoids and inflammation to the General strengthening of the health and stimulation of self-healing forces. According to Tradition, the physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) believed to have given back even a blind pianist with the help of a “Magnetkur” the light in their eyes.

Through the discovery of electricity led to new options for the application of the magnets. The “new” magnetic field therapy, which developed subsequently, had with the “old” magnetic therapy little in common. The nineteenth and twentieth century was the time of many scientists employed with the biophysical and physiological mechanisms of action of magnetic therapy. But these are not explored completely and confirmed, although there are thousands of publications of medical studies about the effectiveness in various health complaints.

Today, the mostly applied forms of therapy go back significantly to a procedure, the surgeon Fritz Lechner and the physicist Werner Kraus in the seventies of the twentieth century developed together. For the first time, pulsed magnetic field were used fields.

Various types of magnetic field therapy

In the Following, we will introduce you to the different types of magnetic field therapy short.

Static Magnetic Field Therapy

In this type of application of magnets to be incorporated in, for example, bracelets, pillows, mattresses and Shoe soles. The magnets exert your field, in your environment permanently and statically, i.e., at a consistent thickness.

A frequently mentioned point of criticism of this method is due to The static magnets are too weak, and the permanent, the same field could not be of the nature of the complaints adjusted.

Application for static magnetic field therapy, among other things, hormonal disorders or digestive problems are areas.

The static magnetic field therapy is recognized as treatment method scientifically and is thus one of the alternative medical procedures. The cost of the over-the-counter products available are usually not covered by health insurance.

Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy

In this application, the form of a pulsating magnetic field is created with the help of electrical devices. There are, for example, mats, coils, rods or pillows. The practitioner or the Practitioner can adjust the strength of the desired magnetic field, as well as the frequency (frequency), in which the field is pulsed on the device. This will make it possible to choose the strength and frequency so that they affect some of the discomfort convenient. According to the followers and supporters of this form of therapy is needed, for example, for the treatment of skin problems a different strength and frequency as for the treatment of joint pain.

The pulsating magnetic field therapy, at a comfortable body posture while Sitting or instead of Are. The diseased part of the body is conducted in a so-called tube, which generates the magnetic field. The clothes you can wear during the treatment, provided that it contains no metal. Metallic objects such as jewellery and watches must be removed. The duration of treatment is approximately fifteen to forty minutes, and the therapy is usually performed two to three times per week. Application duration and frequency depend on the type and intensity of the existing complaints. For diseases that require prolonged use of magnetic therapy, there is the possibility to use home devices.

During the treatment, it can sometimes lead to a so-called initial aggravation. A short-term exacerbation of the symptoms of the treating therapists classified as a good response to the therapy.

Although there are now several studies on the effectiveness of the pulsating, non-invasive magnetic field therapy in many of the Complaints include not enough of these yet to reach a scientific recognition of this form of therapy. Therefore, it is classified as alternative medical method. This is used in natural healing practices most of the time. The health insurance does not cover the costs of the rule, with the exception of some private health insurance companies.

Invasive electromagnetic field therapy, or electro-Osteostimulation

The invasive electromagnetic field therapy in the school of medicine to accelerate the healing process in bone fractures. Also in osteoarthritis can be in order to achieve success. This form of therapy is also referred to as electro-Osteostimulation. In the process, are implanted in the context of an Operation coil. These are connected by an electrode with the injured bone. From the outside later can be an alternating magnetic field created in the coil generates electricity, and the growth of bone cells stimulates.

For invasive magnetic therapy recognised effect of available scientific evidence. The cost for this form of treatment will be accordingly taken at least proportionately by the health insurance companies.


The magnetic field therapy is based on the fact that every living being or every human cell has an electromagnetic field. It is assumed that health complaints arise, if this field is weakened by various influences. In the case of the magnetic field therapy is created with the help of technical devices, a weak magnetic field to affect the electromagnetic field in the cells is positive, and the health restore.

The smallest “living” component of the human is the cell. Every human being consists of approximately one hundred trillion cells. Every single one of them has to be constantly with oxygen and nutrients. Between the Outer and the inner side of the cell membrane electric voltage prevails, the so-called membrane potential. The cells constantly communicate with each other. Improper diet, environmental pollution, Stress and much more can have a negative impact. As a result, the cells can work correctly. Other pressures such as Smoking, alcohol or the like is added, can complaints such as chronic fatigue, headache, drop in performance, and sleep disorders.

The membrane potential of the cell usually has a voltage of seventy to ninety millivolts. Representatives of magnetic field therapy believe that diseased cells have a lower membrane potential than healthy cells. Through the use of the magnetic field, the cells should be provided with a boost of energy and revitalized, and this can cause according to this view, a relief of symptoms or even a cure. The Vascular blood flow and thus the oxygen supply and the energy metabolism of the cells should be improved. The defence forces should be increased by the treatment.

In studies, it was found that the energy of a magnet can stimulate the metabolism in the human body, increased amino acids. These are essential for life and virtually all of the processes in the body involved. In addition, researchers found researchers that promotes flooding of the organism with magnetic energy circulation, reducing tension can be alleviated.

Now could be scientifically proven that bone fractures heal under the action of electromagnetic fields faster, because the formation of new bone (callus formation) is stimulated and the healing process is accelerated.

Areas of application

The static magnetic field therapy is used against hormonal disorders and digestive disorders.

The invasive magnetic field therapy a school of medicine inside, and school physician, especially for faster healing of bone fractures, as well as in various forms of osteoarthritis.

The pulsating magnetic field therapy is mainly applied in naturopathic medical practices. She has a wide range of applications. These include tension, blood circulation disorders, migraine, depression, back pain, chronic sinusitis, nerve pain, kidney problems, sleep disturbances, Tinnitus, metabolic disorders, and improving wound healing include.

Side effects

Both in the application of the pulsating magnetic field therapy, as well as the static magnetic field therapy almost are no known side effects. Especially sensitive patients can sometimes feel a sensation of warmth or a slight tingling sensation, which can be alleviated by changing the intensity and/or duration of treatment. Rarely a feeling of unease or fatigue that can be observed palpitations during the treatment, the heart.

As for the invasive magnetic therapy an Operation is necessary, the appropriate technique to the bone, the risk of side effects here, of course, correspondingly higher. Your doctor or your treating Doctor will inform you about possible risks and side-effects.


For patients with a pacemaker, Defibrillator, or magnetic implants, magnetic therapy is out of the question. Also, for Pregnant women, the treatment is inappropriate. In the case of fever, severe infectious diseases, Angina pectoris, acute hemorrhage, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, or heart rhythm disorders, this therapy method may not be used also.

Please advise before the start of treatment with your doctor or health care professional if a magnetic field therapy is suitable for your individual complaints, what are the risks, where appropriate, consist of and what side effects may occur. (sw, kh)