Completely paralyzed, but mentally full because of: Jonas (24) only communicates via blinking

"First row: E, N, I, R, T, S, A. " No Response. Heike Thein more power, and her gaze is fixed firmly on the eyes of her son Jonas. "Second row: D, H, L, U, O, C, G. " Jonas is not twitching once. Third Series. "M, B, F…" Jonas blinks. F so. Now Heike Thein, with which letter the word begins white says Jonas. And because she knows her son so well, guess you also speak to the question of what he is pleased the most when he is back home: Flecky, his dog. Jonas is paralyzed, fully conscious, fully. Only the eyes and a little facial Expressions to make a communication. For six years, so be it.

Jonas from Uchenhofen in Haßfurt was recently five weeks in the thorax center in Münnerstadt. He was in a life-threatening condition. With a tracheostomy – a tube connecting the throat and artificial respiration in the night, it is now possible to his lungs to pump more oxygen into the heart and veins. So much So that he can continue to live. But the life he led until six years ago, he will not back long.

It was the 21. In may 2013, Jonas Thein is 17 years old. His days consisted of training as an industrial mechanic, his football friends, he loved anything that has to do with tractors. The parents have a farm in the next acquisition, and fields, and sheep – for Jonas the is a Paradise.

A youth with a headache

Early on, he had to deal with the headache. His mother, Heike: "The began in the fourth, fifth grade." The doctor advised to Aspirin, other Doctors later, they saw the reason, either in growth or in puberty, but also in the Psychosomatic. Heike Thein tried it, gave it to her son instead of Aspirin to a Placebo. "Mama", she recalls, "the new tablets, you can forget – the help nicht", so the son told it.

That Jonas was sitting on a time bomb, no one had any idea. Therefore, has turned Heike Thein to the press. "Headache, that sounds so harmless. But I appeal to all parents: If you don’t stop, then pushing on further investigations, let’s get a CT or MRI to make the brain represent."

The bomb detonates

In the case of Jonas that didn’t happen, you relied on the advice and diagnoses. The bomb detonated on the 21. May 2013. Jonas was with grandpa on the tractor out in the woods, in five days he would be 18 years old. Much to shortly after the departure of the grandpa came back, resolved. "With the Jonas what is wrong. " Jonas sat on the tractor, held in pain to the skull, whimpered "my head, my Kopf" and lost consciousness.

In the Leopoldina hospital in Schweinfurt, then the diagnosis is made after a Emergency SURGERY: an aneurysm. The sack-like bulge of an artery had burst. She sat on the cerebellum, which is responsible for the movement of the apparatus, the coordination, the fine-tuning.

Completely paralyzed

Six weeks ago, the 18-Year-old was in an artificial coma, when he came to himself, knew the family already: There will be no change. Jonas will remain completely paralyzed. He will be able to take a step, his hands don’t move, can’t straighten up, neither brushing teeth nor eat alone.

The most Important thing: How do we communicate with our son, two years older, Franziska communicates with her beloved brother? By a speech therapist, she came across the letter Board. Since Jonas can wink, "reden" the Theins together.

Heike Thein gave up her Job, her full-time Job is now called Jonas. This means that If Jonas can no longer cough it up, she gets up sometimes in the exchange with your husband every half hour in the night, in order to rid the lungs of mucus. More than three hours at a time she hardly sleeps. While the father earns money, reads it, turns the YouTube Videos of the latest tractors ("he loves you!") or put him in the wheelchair and driving him around for hours. Highlights: When Jonas tractor can visit exhibitions.

Jonas is mentally fit as a fiddle

Jonas is mentally awake. A bit of Facial expression could train physical therapists, and anyone who communicates with him on the panel, noted that the now 24-Year-old absorbs any new Information. The beautiful, large eyes with exceptionally long eyelashes, and attach a Magnet to the interlocutor, his way of laughter is too obvious. "I can’t believe it often, but Jonas has not yet sued a single Time. Never. He adopts it." Perhaps the behaviour of his mother makes him courage. Even if, as she says, "sometimes into the pillows could cry – it is what it is." So she accompanied him to the five weeks in the Thorax centre. From 9 to 18 o’clock, she was sitting on the bed in the intensive care unit, supported by the sisters, was there for your boys.

Only distraction in everyday life: their Patchwork to Work in the evening, or when the therapists work with Jonas. "As I take my time outs, that calms me down." But, perhaps, she admits, "something creates only a mother for his child machen&quot would;.

Once Jonas had spelled: "It will take five years." He is now in the sixth year, and he knows that. "Every day I have to say to him, what is the date. Not knowing that has put him in the hospital, when he wakes up after the coma, soon mad." That was the time in front of the letter Board, as no one knew how far his brain would be damaged.

In the evening together with the family

The house in Uchenhofen is rebuilt, Jonas now has the biggest room, not only he needs the oversized hospital bed where the family comes together in the evening together watching TV or talking. In the room Heike Thein can look also, if you are sitting at the sewing machine and sewing together pieces of fabric for the fabric piece colourful Blankets, or bags. In spite of all the hardships and Worries, Heike Thein, 52, ten years younger looks. From her eyes, and gentleness speaks, in her lips and the feeling is, she smiles a lot.

Wishes, she says, she has no. "I just have an and the me, will not be met." She has only one concern: "Insists on thoroughness, if you feel that you are not right with your child." If you are talking about the Team in the Thorax-center, Shine your eyes. "Incredible, what there is to be done – not only medical, but also human." Then you have to leave the intensive care unit, a new emergency is brought in. After an hour she sits there, where your life is next to your son.

Info: This is an aneurysm

Aneurysms often occur in arteries. They form at weak points in the vessel wall, the ausstülpt be sack-like. You can occur throughout the body, with a vascular enlargement of the abdominal aorta is the most likely. Prominent victim of an aneurysm, the sports journalist Monica Lierhaus is. In 2009, she underwent brain surgery, an aneurysm should be removed. However, the artery burst during the surgery, you fell for months in a coma. You had to Talk all the capabilities such as Go, or eat to re-learn.

The village helps

Many people with a stake in Jonas’s fate, a lot of help, to be seen here. A touching story happened a few months ago: After 27 years, a woman suddenly woke up from the coma and shouted, first to her son.

This article was written by Susanne

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