Bayer must pay to the U.S. glyphosate-process compensation in the billions

The pharmaceutical and agro – chemical giant Bayer has lost in the United States, the third process due to the Weed killer glyphosate. The jury of the court in Oakland, California stated on Monday, that Bayer more than two billion dollars of damage had to pay to the plaintiff. The procedure the couple Alva and Alberta Pilliod, who are both ill over 70 years old and cancer of the lymph nodes had been aiming for. You make for the decades-long use of glyphosate-containing Weed killer, Roundup, is responsible. “They left us no choice, after we had seen their advertising, we thought it was incredibly safe. We are fighting now for nine years with the cancer, Al longer than I have. The cause of this Roundup was” Bayer said that the group was disappointed by the decision of the Jury in Oakland and announced plans to appeal. The allegations against glyphosate had rejected Bayer always referred to that admission authorities rated in the world, the herbicide when used properly as safe. In the USA, Bayer looks now with about 13,400 plaintiffs because of the Monsanto-developed herbicide faced. In two cases, the group was already condemned to the payment of compensation by a total of just under $ 160 million. Bayer has filed an appeal or announced, many experts but at the end of an expensive comparison.