The second best way to birth

Almost every third Pregnant woman in Germany for release today by caesarean section. This is evident from Figures of the Federal Statistical office. Some experts emphasize that to be too many.

“Caesarean section is like a drug,” says Frank Reister. “It takes a indication, a dosage, it has side effects. And right now it is overdosed for the whole of society is clear,” explains the head of the section of obstetrics at the University women’s hospital Ulm.

The cutting technology has reduced the risks

However, the side effects are not so serious, as is often said. “A lot of Concerns there used to be around the C-section, today are unfounded,” says Reister. This was mainly due to changes in cutting technology.

20 or 30 years ago was when a cesarean section is still the longitudinal and in the body of the uterus is cut. This could have an impact, especially in the case of a further pregnancy negative. “The scar is then under the next birth, but also earlier in pregnancy, be significantly impacted,” says Reister. Accordingly, the risk of a rupture of a crack was that.

This danger is today hardly still, when women cut be after a caesarean pregnant again. Because Doctors the uterus is open today cross at the Transition between body and neck of the organ. “At the point the load is in front of and below the birth is significantly lower,” says Reister. Even during the birth of a rupture happens only in one out of every 200 cases. Then had to very quickly re-cesarean section. “Under good medical conditions that usually goes but without the life-threatening complications for both mother and child.”

The new technique is also one of the reasons why the cesarean section, immediately after the birth is hardly a Problem. “20 years ago, the Emperor was cut is still very different than it is today – because the women were allowed nothing to eat, there were a lot of infusions,” says Franz Kainer, President of the German society for Perinatal medicine (DGPM).

Even today, women should cut but expect after a caesarean with pain. “For us, the women stay for three to four days in the hospital, so one to two days more than the regular birth. But a lot more not to know it’s there,” says Kainer. According to Reister serious problems with wound healing are today extremely rare.

If possible, do not immediately get pregnant

One should women after a caesarean section but not: Immediately get pregnant. At least three months break, out-of-town recommends that after the birth, better even a year.

It is not possible that it will work with the renewed desire to have children after the C-section immediately. “There is a certain connection between the caesarean section and the so-called secondary sterility,” says Reister. According to the Robert Koch Institute, this term is no longer used, when women after childbirth pregnant. “Whether the caesarean section is as really the cause, but can hardly say,” said out-of-town more.

When women cut after a caesarean birth of another child, you can opt for a caesarean section. Against a second or third intervention of this type a little, barely speaks. Although the tissue scarred to continue. But: “If it’s healing well, it does not after two or three C-sections other than a,” says Kainer.

The goal: to get women to optimally care for

However, you have to remember, according to Kainer, that the risk of complications increases in the next pregnancy a little. So it can implant itself, for example, the placenta during the following pregnancy in the tissue of the scar. “In such cases must be made, in any case, a cesarean section often is a relatively risky and complicated procedures,” says Kainer. “There’s been in recent years, more and more, because the caesarean section rate increased overall.”

This is one of the reasons why many experts say still: the Emperor, only the second-best way to birth is cut – less all of the lower risks would be better, in Spite of. “Our goal should not be the caesarean section to reduce the rate, but to serve, rather, each woman perfectly,” says Reister. More midwives are necessary, for example to better medical care in General, “so that you can find for each woman its optimum Geburtsweg. The caesarean section rate decreases automatically.”