Woman doctor warns of dangerous heat Trend: for yourself, in no case Eislollis in the Vagina!

With 42.6 degree, Germany on Thursday (25. July) the heat record broken. And also in the rest of Europe, it is unbearably hot. In the UK, ladies cool with Eislollis – in the Vagina!

What at first sounds like a bad joke, obviously, is reality. How "Body and Soul" reported, the idea but not new: for years it always came back to incidents in which women have introduced a Popsicle in the Vagina, to cool off. Some with shared this in the social networks.


Infections, irritation and damage

Enjoy a cold drink, a damp towel in the nape of the neck, or simply EAT an ice-cream (with the mouth!) – these methods seem to be of yesterday. Who is cool in the truest sense of the word – feeding is not, but his genitals with the icy Snack. A bad idea, which can be dangerous, such as gynecologist Dr. Sarah Welsh white.

“The Vagina is a very delicate and sensitive skin. Therefore, things that appear to be for other areas of the body, although harmless, can cause infection, irritation and damage if they come with the Vagina in contact,“ says Welsh. Ice cream on a stick stand for the things you have to introduce not vaginal, “the very top”.

Not only that, the cold substance is irritating to the skin and could hurt, also, bacteria could get through the ice in the genital tract and the environment of the vagina and negatively affect. The Eislolli then breaks off Accidentally, while he’s in the Vagina, it could be even more fragile. Here a doctor should be consulted.

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